Stretched earlobes – not in the boardroom!

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The most common type of stretched earlobe is from piercing and heavy or dangling earrings;  this is easily corrected surgically by Toronto plastic surgeon   Dr. Marc DuPéré.

But I want to talk today about stretched or gauged earlobes from spacers; those are supposed to be a statement of who you are.  You are an individual, you want to be different than the next guy or girl.   A tattoo, a piercing or gauging shows that you walk your own path that is not to be limited by the conservative ideas of the adult world.  That is great!  You are wonderful!  And at Visage Clinic, we do respect this self-expression.  But…

But a few years pass. Your lifestyle has now changed.   Undergrad, grad school, you have an MBA, MD, CA or JD.  Your attitude has changed and you want to be main stream.   You want to be taken seriously as a professional.  The discs or spacers in your ears do not fit the boardroom image, nor do they open the door.  Taking the disc or spacer out does not work either.  The skin on the earlobe will shrink a little, but what is left is long, hanging and with a big hole.  Not a pretty picture.  What do you do?

You go see an ear expert – someone specializing in otoplasty (ear surgery) – you seek Board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré.

Repairing a stretched or gauged earlobe is performed under local anaesthetic, in office, and typically takes 20-30 minutes per earlobe.  Dr. Marc DuPéré, Toronto Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, uses his own unique technique for oversized and stretched earlobe that results in a naturally sized earlobe.  The procedure involves removing the excess hanging tissue, freshening up the skin edges and using fine internal and external stitches to create a normally-shaped earlobe.

After your earlobe repair surgery, there will be small scars on the ears which will be at first be pink, but will slowly fade to a skin tone.  This can be covered with a little make- up.   After 4-6 months, the earlobe should look as close to normal as it can be – Boardroom-friendly!

A word to the wise young adult: Never follow trends when it comes to permanent body art until you thought about it carefully.

Visage Clinic team

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  1. Matt says:

    Hi there, just wondering how much it would cost to have my ears stitched up. I have them at just over an inch. I can send photos if need be.

    • Dr Marc DuPéré says:

      Hi Matt,
      I have replied to you directly a few days ago from the clinic`s main email address and gave you the costs.
      Let me know if you need more information!
      Sending pics would also help!
      We look forward to meeting you.
      Dr. DuPere

  2. Christina McDevitt says:


    While I deeply love my stretched lobes, I have been having constant issues with trauma on them resulting in perpetual healing. It may be time to simply close them up.

    They are stretched to 2″ which took years but there is a time for all things. I am hopeful I’ll be able to wear regular earrings again after the healing process!

    If you could give me a quote on cost for reconstruction I’d be grateful. I can’t directly link a picture through this medium however in my regular email I can send an attachment. Ideally the sooner I can have the surgery the better.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Greatest regards


    • Dr Marc DuPéré says:

      Hi Christina, thank you for your request. I have just replied directly to your email. We look forward to meeting you. Best, Dr. Dupere

  3. Denise says:


    I am interested in a slightly different procedure. Are you able to close lip (labret) piercings, and if so what would be the cost for that?

    • Dr Marc DuPéré says:

      Good morning Denise, yes I do this kind of closure as well. Costs is approximately 675$ – 995$ + HST, depending on the number and size. It normally requires closure from outside and from inside. It is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia. Please call us at: 416-929-9800 to book your consultation. Best, Dr. DuPere

  4. Ruth says:

    Hi, my left ear piercing has stretched because of wearing heavy earrings I was just wondering how much it would cost to fix?

    Thanks, Ruth

  5. Alanna says:

    Hi there,

    My stretched lobes have returned to a somewhat normal size (about 1/4 inch diameter), but the holes are still quite noticeable, especially to me. I am wondering how much it costs to have both ears repaired?

    Thank you,

  6. Samantha Gibbons says:


    Just like everyone else, I was looking for a quote on closing up my stretched ears. I have them at 28mm which is just over and inch.

    Thank you so much!


  7. Jeanine says:

    Same request as all above, although I have 2 holes per ear. Left ear has 6mm and 2.4mm hole, right ear has 5mm and 2.4mm hole. Looking for an estimated cost, as well as timeline for booking. Thanks!

    • Dr Marc DuPéré says:

      Hi Jeanine,

      I will email you right now with details! I look forward to meeting you. Best regards, Dr. Marc

  8. Jenna says:

    Hi Dr Marc DuPéré,

    My ear lobes are stretched 1/2 an inch. I am curious how much it would cost to have it back to normal. Also, is it possible the be able to wear normal gauged earrings after surgery?


  9. Maria says:

    Hi I was wondering roughly how much it would cost to have my ear lobes fixed. They were stretched to 2 inches but have closed up to under an inch now. Thanks

  10. Robyn says:

    My ears were stretched many years ago and over time, I have watched them shrink considerably to the point where I can hide them with post/ stud type earrings. I am interested in reconstruction surgery to close the holes completely. Can you email me with a quote for the cost? Is financing available?

  11. cierra c says:

    Hey there I am very interested in getting my earlobe reconstructed I had then gauged to 1/2 INCH about 10 years ago they have now shrunk up to appox a size 0 I would like them to be just the size so I could wear normal earings again. I was just curious what a quote on a procedure like this would cost? Thank you

  12. Asia says:

    Hey I was wondering how do I make an appointment? I have my ears stretched to 3/4 of an inch how long might the surgery take?

  13. Jennifer says:

    Hi there!
    I was wondering if you could provide me with an approximate cost for stitching up both ears stretched to 1 inch.


  14. Shawna says:

    Hi there, looks like I’m not the first person to request a quote on here but here goes nothing. I stretched my ears years ago, they are stretched to 5/8″ and I’m thinking of getting them sewn up. Can you email me with a quote?


  15. Shailla Manitowabie-Cooke says:

    Hi ,
    I would like get a quote on how much lobe repair surgery costs. Pls and ty!

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Hi Kyra,

      I will email you directly some details regarding costs, locations, etc.

      Dr. DuPere

  16. Allison says:

    Hi there , my ears have been stretched at an inch for a few years now , and I want to know how much it would cost to get them repaired back to normal

  17. Kaci Cook says:

    Hi, i would love to get a quote on getting my earlobes closed , i stretched my ears many years ago and have them shrunk back down to i believe about a 6 gauge (4.12 mm) thanks

  18. Lucia Park says:

    Hi Dr. DuPere,

    Could you tell me the range of prices for a small ear lobe tear (one side)?

    Thank you,


    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Good Lucia, thank you for your interest in our services at VISAGE Clinic, Dr. Marc DuPéré, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for more than 15 years.

      We are proud to announce that Visage Clinic was again recently voted TOP plastic surgery clinic in Toronto for 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 – voted by GTA (greater Toronto area) customers! See press release:

      We’d be happy to see you and look at your earlobe for repair.

      Earlobe repair, including repair of gauged and pierced earlobes, is a very common procedure in my practice. It is a procedure done under local anesthesia. It takes approximately 30 minutes for one side. Patient gets stitches for 7 days and a fine scar that becomes a fine skin-coloured line within 6-12 months post-op. The procedure could be done on the same day as the consultation, please let my staff know if it is your desire.

      You have read my blog:

      Call us to book when ready – MON-Friday (we don’t have your number): 416.929.9800.

      We would love to have the opportunity to meet you for a consultation. We will be happy to go over the options once we meet.

      COST is 795$ + HST for the 1 earlobe.

      We have 2 offices:

      Flagship downtown Toronto clinic: 133 Hazelton Ave. Suite 101, Yorkville, Toronto

      Richmond Hill – 13311 Yonge Street, suite 114.

      There is more information on the following websites:

      Kailyn, Angelica, Danielle or Willians, my assistants, will be happy to find a time and day convenient for your visit. They can be reached at 416.929.9800.

      We look forward to meeting you,

      Best regards,

      Dr. Marc DuPéré, plastic surgeon

  19. Carly-Marie Blais says:

    Hello Dr. Dupere,

    I would like to come in for a consultation for earlobe repair for gauged ears. Is it possible to book an appointment?

    Thank you,

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Hi Carly, I just sent you an email with lots of information. Give us a call tomorrow – 416-929-9800 – and I will meet with you for consultation and for repair of your earlobes. Kind regards, Dr. D.

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      HI Abby. This is a very common procedure I perform in my office under local anesthesia. Few stitches for 7 days or so. I will email you information, costs, directions, etc. I look forward to meeting you! Dr. D.

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      I do Gulnaz! Give us a call and my office will gladly help you to secure a day/time for your procedure. 416-929-9800 Dr. D.

  20. Lucy Ulisse says:

    Hi my name is Lucy and have stretched pierced earring holes due to heavy earrings over the years. Would like to know how long the procedure will take and recovery time to return to work.

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Hi Lucy! Thank you for your question!

      We’d be happy to see you and look at your earlobes for repair. We could see you in consultation at the same time as the repair. I do those repairs in downtown Toronto on MONDAYS but also uptown in Northern Richmond Hill (almost Aurora) on THURSDAYS.

      Earlobe repair, including repair of gauged and pierced earlobes, is a very common procedure in my practice. It is a procedure done under local anesthesia. Repair of gauged earlobe is slightly more complex repair than repairing a torn earlobe. It takes approximately 45 minutes per side. Pain is almost zero and patients can return to work/school the same day or the following one, with a slight band-aid over the stitches. We also provide you with a skin-coloured steri-strips. Patient gets stitches for 7-10 days and a fine scar that becomes a fine skin-coloured line within 6-12 months post-op. The procedure could be done on the same day as the consultation, please let my staff know if it is your desire.

      You may have read my 2 blogs on ears and earlobes:

      or a recent article published in Metro Toronto:

      We will email you our office infos.

      We look forward to seeing you.

      Kind regards,

      Dr. DuPéré

  21. Brooke says:

    Hello, looking for pricing for having my ears fixed. They were stretched, however I have not anything in them for a few years now. Thank you.

  22. Carmen Stolk says:


    My ears are currently slightly smaller than a 4 gauge and slightly larger than a 6! I’m wondering how much this would cost to repair and how far in advance you need to book.

    Thank you!


    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Thank you for your question. We do all our earlobe repairs on Mondays downtown, in Yorkville, and a few Thursdays per month in Richmond Hill. We normally can book patients within 4-6 weeks. I will email you more information right now. We look forward to meeting you. Kind regards,
      Dr. DuPéré

  23. Marcus says:

    I have 1 hole in my left ear and 1 in my right ear which I would like to get closed up. I use to wear earrings in my teens and early 20’s, but stopped wearing them about 13 years ago.

    The holes are still visible in both my ear lobes though. How much does your clinic charge to get the two holes closed up?

    I have no intention of wearing earrings in the future, I would just like to get the holes closed.

  24. Maha says:

    Hi.. greetings..i would just like to get a quote on how much it will cost to get this right ear closed up..

  25. Jess S says:

    Sorry I know there are a lot of comments, but it takes a while to get through them. I have ears stretched to 9/16″ and I want to get them closed up. Can you give me quote as to how much it would cost to fix them?

  26. Stephanie says:

    Hi. I would like to inquire about the cost of earlobe repair for split earlobes…for one ear.
    Please email me, I would like to have this done asap.

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Will do! My assistants will send you some information tomorrow and we could likely do your minor procedure in the next 2-5 weeks. Kind regards, Dr. D.

  27. Tonya says:

    Hello, I have similar situation that I would like to get rid of, but instead of the ear, it’s in my lip. I have a lip piercing (monroe). I was wondering if you operate on those as well, if so, how much?

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Good morning, yes I fix the Monroe lip piercings too, the various ear and belly-button piercings, eyebrow’s piercing, etc. I will email you details. Dr. D.

  28. Nicole says:

    Hi there, do you perform earlobe reduction surgery based on size only? I do not have gauges or stretched earlobes- just large that stick out. If so, how does one reduce scarring?

  29. kim says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to get my ear stitched up so that I can wear normal earrings again. I had a zero gauge and they have shrunk quite a bit already however I’m interested in the surgery.

    Can you let me know the Cost? Timeline? Healing time? Can I wear normal earrings again? Can I stitch up the current hole and get it pierced with regular sized earrings all at once?

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Thank you for your question. Healing time: Most people go back to work the next day. 7 days or so with stitches. Little scar will be pink for 3-6 months or so, makeup can be applied if desired. We do those every Monday and we likely have a 3-6 week wait time. You’ll be able to repierce usually 3 months later so you can wear normal earrings. I will email you more details. Dr. D.

  30. Cassandra says:

    Hi Dr. Marc DuPéré
    I am just wondering how much this procedure costs? I will be saving up to get it done very soon.

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Good morning and thank you for your interest in VISAGE Clinic. Please know I do several earlobe repairs every Monday so it is a very very common request. My assistants will e,ail you later today details and cost. Kind regards, Dr. D.

  31. Jamie says:

    Hello! I had my ears stretched to 1/2 inch, and they will not close on their own.
    I would like them fixed so I could get them re-pierced and wear normal earrings.
    I would like to know the costs, so I could save and plan to get this done in the
    near future. Please send me some information to my email :
    Thank you kindly!

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Thank you for your request! My assistants will be emailing shortly with information. I look forward to meeting you! Kind regards, Dr. D.

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