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Check out some of the comments Dr. Marc DuPéré has received from his Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery patients.

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Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I wish everyone could have the opportunity to face the coming year with happiness I feel now. Thank you for making this a reality. I wish you and your staff a beautiful and happy New Year. The days are getting longer and brighter from tomorrow on.

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
This is just a note to say thank you for the wonderful work you did. It is just wonderful the work you do for people. I can’t thank you enough!
Have a good holiday, if you give yourself half chance.
I thought I would never be well again. Believe me, I was afraid. You are a great doctor. God Bless you, my thanks is forever.

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you so much for making my ‘minor’ surgery so easy. I was able to work right through the entire day after my surgery. I had to show ten properties to a client from England, with no problems. I must also compliment you on you kind and compassionate manner in which you deal with your patients as you are operating. It makes an awkward situation much more relaxing and less anxious. Again thank you for your kindness and you skills as a person and a doctor.
– JW

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you very much for the extremely fine attention you are giving to me during each visit, while making sure I experience the least amount of discomfort. Everything went really well and I greatly appreciate your kind advice as to what to expect may happen in the future. The nurse was lovely and helpful too.
– GM

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
This is just a note to say thank you for the wonderful work you did. It is just wonderful, the work you do for people. I can’t thank you enough! Have a good holiday, if you give yourself half a chance. I thought I would never be well again. Believe me, I was afraid. You are a great doctor. God bless you and my thanks is forever.
– ER

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I thought it would be a good idea to re-establish communication with you, both for professional and personal reasons. In respect to the former, I may mention that the stitches have healed and I feel no discomfort except a slight twitch when I raise my eyebrows. In respect to the latter, I may mention that we mean to have you over for a meal as soon as my wife returns from India. I shall call and ask for an appointment so that you can have a look at my forehead.
– SA

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you so much for all of your kindness and understanding.
– GS

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you for all your hard work in such a short time. The results are looking great. See you next year for more.
– AB

Dr. Marc,
Merci pour ta grande gentillesse et l’aide que tu nous as apportée quand nous en avions besoin. Ces gestes ont été grandement appréciés de notre part. J’ai fini ma chimio et maintenant tout va pour le mieux! Je n’ai plus aucune trace de métastase dans la corps et je vais commencer l’université comme prévu! Merci pour I’énorme aide que tu m’a apportée.
– M

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you very much for the excellent surgery and taking care of my wife. I know how very busy you are and that is why I particularly appreciate expeditious schedule for her surgery. Thanks to your professional skills, great master’s hands, and a kind heart, my wife is recovering very well and fast. As I explained to you previously, after the tragedy in our family, she needs special treatment, which you have provided. Please know that along with President Jacques Chirac and Minister Jean-Francois Mattei who helped to improve treatment of our only grandson, you are also in our family List of Great Honour. Very best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season from my wife and me.
– VV

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I was very pleased with the treatment I received while under your care. Close to the end of October, I dislocated my thumb and although my injury was minor in comparison to you other cases, I appreciated the time and concern that you gave to me as well as all the other patients you see in you clinic. I wish you continued success in the future.
– HF

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you to all of you for making this surgery a success. All of your time and work is greatly appreciated by me and my family. What you all did for me was amazing and quite unbelievable at times. You are all truly outstanding people and I wish you all the best for the future.
– MP

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
This is a small token of my thanks for a special event. Thanks again to you for keeping both my feet on the ground.
– JA

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thanks for all you have done for me. I am so pleased with the results both inside and outside.
– LB

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I would like to personally thank you for your support and great technical experience last weekend. You invaluable time and energy was much appreciated and gave our fund-raising event much found personality and integrity. I look forward to working closely in the coming month and watch your success as a rising star in Canada.
– M

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
How is it that you can be such a talented surgeon with such a huge generous nature? I know. You’re blessed! Thank you so much for being honest and caring and positive.
– VF

Hi Dr. DuPéré,
I know you’re an intelligent, smart, “one of Toronto’s best” doctors, but I know you don’t fully understand what you’ve done for me. I’ve endured a long, dangerous and adventurous journey. Life gave me many wounds, bruises and scars – NOT just physical ones. Although I ended up with more scars, somehow the ones you can’t see are disappearing. Thank you.
– JM

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the surgery you performed to remove the basal cell from my forehead. Even the old pre-existing skin graft from ’88 looks better. The scar is like a hair line and looks exquisite.
– GR

Dr. Marc,
I just wanted to say hello and thank you again for the wonderful procedure you did on my face. I love it and so does everyone else here.
– AF

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I’m just sending you a note to thank you for what you have done for me. You have really changed my life and you gave me back my confidence. It has been a year now and I feel great and I look great too. So, again thank you for everything. I have given your card to many people and I am really considering getting my other scar, from another operation, taken care of probably in the fall or in the spring.
– MD

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
We wish to thank you for inviting us to join you at your clinic for the training session last Wednesday. The evening proved to be very informative, helpful, [and] especially enjoyable. You are a great teacher! It was a pleasure to meet you.

– A, C & J

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
For your help, I don’t think you will ever know how much you have helped my confidence. I am happy with the result.
– KH

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Words cannot adequately convey the gratitude I feel toward you for dramatically changing my smile. There are so many reasons why you stand apart form other surgeons, most notably being your affable, calming nature. I continue to be impressed by your technical talent, precision artistry, equanimity, and patience. A smile starts from within. Thanks to you, now I look like how I feel.
– SS

A quick note to thank Dr. DuPéré. I can already see the results and feel so refreshed. You are very pleasant and friendly and also created a very welcoming ambiance.
– AD

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you very much for the incredible job you did. We are both ecstatic.
– N & H

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you so very much. This ‘thank-you’ card says the truth. You are someone truly special. Thank you for everything.
– DC

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you for a wonderful experience. Thank you for your warmth, caring, professional skill and dedication to you patients. I feel I’ve been treated like a queen and I am very happy with my results. I am amazed and very grateful. I feel like a butterfly.
– RV

Dr. DuPéré removed a cancerous node from my nose and had to do a ‘flap’ to cover it. It is now barely noticeable, so I am pleased.

I had my surgery on Jan. 11, and I am extremely happy. Dr. DuPéré is a very talented, skilled, artistic surgeon as well as personable, kind, helpful, and compassionate man. I highly recommend him. His staff is also exceptional in their people sills and medical skills. I am a very happy patient for life.

I travelled from Atlantic Canada to have a procedure performed by Dr. DuPéré. I can’t say enough about the quality of his work, his warmth and compassion. He is a true professional. As a healthcare professional myself, I would highly recommend him.

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I just wanted to write a quick e-mail to you and everyone at the office to say thank you for everything you have done. I am very pleased with my results thus far and I do not believe I could have been happier having gone anywhere else. Dr. DuPéré did an awesome job, and his bedside manner as well as everyone else’s was just as impressive as the surgery outcome itself. I’m very happy that I made the choice that I did, not only because of my satisfaction, but it was really great to meet you all. Thank you again for all of your help and I am looking forward to my return next year. I will strongly be recommending VISAGE Clinic to anyone seeking a good surgeon.
– TH

I loved how Dr. DuPéré did the Botox. He has a very gentle, confident, but not arrogant manner about him. I will definitely go back and have already told friends about him.
– AK

Dr. DuPéré is unconditionally the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure to be a patient of. His personal high standards of making you, the patient, happy are priceless. DuPéré not only cares for his patients but is willing to take those extra steps to make sure you are more than satisfied. His staff and his practice are above and beyond exceptional. I am tremendously happy with the overall experience and I highly recommend him to anyone.
– T

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you so much. I really appreciate everyone’s excellent care and kindness over the past few months. I’ll be highly recommending you to my friends and colleagues.
– KE

Dr. Marc DuPéré, majestic, willed with the light of intelligence, a person who is happy as one can be, a man of meaningful words, famous for his sense of humour, who will give you all he’s got, never impatient with others, who is a fresh shower for thirsty flowers, who has a competitive edge. Thanks a million. A million thanks!
– A

Dr. DuPéré,
I just wanted to thank you for you help along the way in making yesterday happen. It was an amazing experience for me. The energy in the office is great! You were as kind as I had imagined, and I want to let you know it was appreciated.
– PD

I just wanted to thank Dr. DuPéré and his team, for a warm, welcoming visit. I know that you were very busy but the consult was well worth the wait. Thank you and I hope to see you soon.
– TG

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I wanted you commend you on your excellent customer service and promptness. So far, I am extremely happy with your office and have already recommended you to two of my friends.
– MM

Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you for the photos. I had no idea my face looked that red (bad) before. The improvement is beyond expectations. Thank you so much for you assistance and experience. You truly gave me my face back. I truly can’t thank you enough.
– AA

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you and all of your staff for taking such good care of me and for my smile. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I used to be self-conscious, but now I feel great. You have an extraordinary compassion combined with technical expertise that is very rare and very much appreciated. Thank you for your time, dedication, and perfectionism.
– SS

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I want to thank you a million times over for all the help, advice, and support you have given me in the last couple of years. And just to let you know, I am very happy and proud of what I’ve done with my body and I am grateful for the services that you have rendered to help me achieve my goal and get to where I am today. It was a pleasure meeting you. You’re a really funny guy and very smart. I hope you all the best in your business and the future. I’ve been telling all my friends and co-workers about you, that you’re the man to see if they ever want any surgeries or non-surgical procedures. They were impressed with your expertise.
– JL

Bonjour Dr. DuPéré,
J’espère que vous aurez le temps de vous réjouir et de vous reposer cet été! Un très gros merci pour la chirurgie! Je ne sens beaucoup mieux dans ma peau grâce à vos talents.
– G

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thanks so much for taking good care of me during my surgery and recovery. You made it an enjoyable experience and I’ll always remember you.
– J

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me and let you know how much I really appreciate the work that you have done. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.
– RW

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
It was such a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for the wonderful things you do, for your great personality, and most of all, thank you for not disappointing me.
– NS

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I wish everyone could have the opportunity to face the coming New Year with happiness I feel now. Thank you for making this a reality. The days are getting longer and brighter from tomorrow on.
– JP

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I wish to express my sincere attitude to you for your gentle, proficient manner, your listening time, and the genuine compassion you’ve shown me. I cannot overstate my appreciation for your generosity and support. I’m feeling and looking better already!
– LW

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Thank you so much. I appreciate having a normal right hand again!
– MN

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
How can two words such as ‘Thank You’ express Reach for the Rainbow’s feelings, when our gratitude overflows with emotion towards the many corporations, such as yours, that have donated time, money, and auction items for the success of this year’s Crystal Ball? Your generous commitment has allowed us to continue our mandate for providing integrated recreational opportunities to children and young adults with physical and developmental disabilities. As one of our coveted auction donors, we recognize the important role that you and your company played in our agency’s signature event… On behalf of everyone at Reach for the Rainbow, please accept our sincere appreciation for your unwavering dedication to our cause.
– DT & LY

Cher Dr. DuPéré,
Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que vous avez apporté beaucoup de soleil à ma vie quand j’avais besoin. Je vous souhaite une vie extraordinaire dans touts les domaines! May you never lose your love for medicine, nor your warm hands! I know you are a caring person (for as little as I know you), therefore you will remain so, je suis certaine! You will face many challenges and I’m sure your decisions will be wise! Health, happiness for you and all those who love you now and always. I’m very grateful that our paths have crossed and perhaps they will again.
– SB

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Congratulations on your new venture. We appreciate your efforts to make the world a more beautiful place!
– D

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I have heard a lot about you from my son. You are a good person. Much thanks to you for your kindness.
– AL

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
Your hard work will be adding more beauty to this land. May your artistry spread throughout the land and across the waters.
– AE

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
I am positively impressed with your CV. More than that, I felt a connection with you when we met, based on a sense of your kindness, patience, belief in what you do and your strong intuitive powers. If I’m not mistaken I’d say you care a lot about life, and that quality of living.
– ST

Dear Dr. DuPéré,
You have grace and ambition and a promising future. Be sure to keep the grace. I like you, admire you, and am very happy to be your patient. Thank you!
– B

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