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Other Treatments / truSculpt® 3D

truSculpt® 3D

Many healthy, fit adults have areas of fat that don't respond to even the most rigorous diet and exercise efforts. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc DuPéré has typically recommended liposuction to slim down these isolated bulges. Today, he also offers truSculpt® 3D, a nonsurgical body contouring option.

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How It Works

truSculpt 3D delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy harmlessly through the skin to the underlying fat, heating it to the temperature that destroys fat cells. The body disposes of treated fat through its natural cleansing process. The RF energy also stimulates collagen production in the skin for noticeable firming and tightening over time.

This innovative treatment provides both fat reduction and skin tightening for results that are superior to CoolSculpting®. In Toronto, Visage Clinic is proud to be the first aesthetic plastic surgery clinic to offer this innovative technology.

How Can truSculpt 3D Help?

We use truSculpt 3D to reduce distinct areas of excess fat while tightening the skin—all without surgery. When performed by a qualified technician, it is safe and effective for any area, including the chin, neck, chest, breast and bra rolls, belly, hips and love handles, inner and outer thighs, and inner knees. You may be a good candidate for truSculpt 3D if you:

  • want to avoid anesthetic, incisions, bruises, and downtime
  • are willing to wait for treated areas to gradually become thinner and firmer
  • understand your results will probably not be as significant as with liposuction
  • intend to continue an active lifestyle and healthful diet
the truSculpt® system

While truSculpt 3D is popular with patients who aren’t ready for surgery, it also may be used to enhance the results of cosmetic surgery procedures such as a tummy tuck, body lift, or facelift.

Watch an animation showing how truSculpt works.

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What to Expect After Treatment

Patients are free to return to their normal daily activities right after treatment as no downtime is needed. Unlike with CoolSculpting treatments, there is no post-treatment massaging needed after truSculpt.

Within about 4 weeks, patients typically notice treated areas become slimmer and firmer. Areas gradually improve for up to 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be performed for further slimming or for sculpting other areas

To discover your body contouring options in Toronto at Visage Clinic, request a consultation or call us at (416) 929-9800 to schedule an appointment.