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Dr. Marc DuPéré and the staff of VISAGE Clinic look forward to welcoming you to their practice and invite you to learn about their expertise, thoughtful care, patient-centric philosophy, and commitment to your beauty.

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About Us

The youthful look women and men achieve with cosmetic surgery at Visage Clinic goes beyond an image. We believe in style, beauty, and finesse. We are a boutique-style Center of Excellence with the Ritz-Carlton’s philosophy of providing the ultimate customer service.

We offer the safest and highest quality in aesthetic procedures using clinically proven products and top-of-the-line, hospital-grade technologies. We invite you to enjoy this sense of elegance and intimacy, which we have re-created for you at our cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Toronto.

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Dr. Marc DuPere

Dr. DuPere’s precision work has attained high levels of refinement and excellence.

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Our Staff

Each member of our team at VISAGE Clinic contributes to a successful outcome for our patients.

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Check out some of the comments Dr. Marc DuPere has received from his cosmetic patients.

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Our philosophy of interlacing communication, warmth, science, and artistry is sculpted according to the vision of the greatest European masters, who dedicated their art and lives to beauty.

Our clinics have re-created this sense of simple yet genuine and sophisticated elegance, intimacy, and trust. We invite you …

Our logo represents and conveys our sense of comfort, happiness, and warmth, but also artistry.

“Visage” is the French word for “face.” The Visage logo is a smiley and radiant one, like the sun, a sunflower, or a Greek beauty.

When the word “visage” is separated by its two syllables, we also get the French word “vie” (life) and the English-French word “age,” as if a visit to Visage Clinic could turn the clock back.

After years of commitment to our patients, we are proud to have been recognized several times as leaders in the aesthetic healthcare community.

Dr. DuPéré and Visage Clinic have regularly been honored by patients, media publications, and medical groups for our outstanding level of care. In 2015, Visage Clinic received the 2015 Customer Service Award from, a hugely popular site that helps patients connect with the right doctors. This honor is judged based on patient feedback and response time, and very few clinics in each region receive it.

We work hard to make ourselves available for all our patients’ needs, and it’s wonderful to be recognized toward that end.

At VISAGE, we are about creating natural-looking aesthetic solutions that cater to the needs of Toronto plastic surgery patients from all cultural backgrounds, respecting and embracing differences between cultures.

We strive to make each customer experience a comfortable and pleasant one.

Through the expertise of our office and medical team, combined with Dr. DuPéré’s North American, South American, and European training, we provide you with the education, materials, and resources you need to make the best choice for your appearance.

We offer traditional surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments.

Our services range from skin care, lasers, wrinkle injections, and volume restoration to full-body transformation surgeries. Royal College-certified Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré has developed expertise with both female and male clients, addressing each group with gender-appropriate concerns and treatment plans.

Rejuvenation techniques are different for men and women, and your surgeon must be able to master those differences.

To better serve our large client base, we have one location in downtown Toronto to serve our busy GTA, Mississauga, and Hamilton patients.

And to accommodate those individuals living outside Ontario who are interested in having their cosmetic plastic surgery with Dr. DuPéré, we have arranged a fly-in patient package.

Finally, we offer financing via two independent companies to help our clients achieve their aesthetic goals at their convenience.