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Body / Body Implant Guide

Your Guide to Body & Facial Implants

Some of the world's greatest works of art highlight the human body's contours, chiseled lines, and sensuous curves.

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Highlighting the Human Body

As an accomplished artist, Royal College-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré’s interest in >facial and body implants to enhance the appearance of Toronto men and women comes naturally. >Dr. DuPéré offers a range of implants, including chin, breast, pectoral, hip, buttock, and calf implants, at his Toronto-area clinics. Breast implants, of course, are the most popular of all.

Please use our guide to implants to learn more, or request a consultation to meet personally with Dr. DuPéré to discuss your aesthetic goals. You can also call our office at (416) 929-9800.

Body & Facial Implants for Men

Facial Implants

Men who desire a strong, well-defined chin can benefit from facial implants. Made of flexible material, either silicone, Gore-Tex, or Medpore, that still retains a natural feel, chin implants may be combined with liposuction in the neck or a neck lift to create a more youthful profile. Dr. DuPéré also offers augmentation of the cheeks and of the angles of the jaw with injectable fillers, such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC. Learn More

Pectoral Implants

Men often spend hours lifting weights and doing pushups in pursuit of sculpting a muscular, well-defined chest. In some cases, however, that’s not enough because excess skin, fat, and sometimes breast glands hide the results of all that work. Pectoral implants offer the masculine look many men want. Dr. DuPéré also uses those implants to enhance the results of gynecomastia surgery. Learn More

Pectus Excavatum

Pectus excavatum is a congenital malformation of the mid-chest area which causes the chest bone and inner ribs to have a sunken and deep appearance. Dr. DuPéré most often treats this condition with custom implants. For milder pectus excavatum, pectoral implants can be an option. Finally, using a patient’s own fat and performing fat grafting with the Coleman principles is sometimes an option. Dr. DuPéré can find the right option to suit your needs. Learn More

Abdominal Etching

This precision liposuction technique, also called Hi-Def Abs, is performed with a specialized cannula to sculpt abdominal muscles. It is an ideal option for men who are already physically fit, but who want the 6-pack or 8-pack appearance that is difficult to achieve even after spending hours in the gym. Other muscles can also be etched, such as the deltoids, pectorals, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, and so on. Learn More

Buttock Implants

Many men are interested in having contoured buttocks that balance their overall physique. Men with flat buttocks want rounder buttocks to help fill out pants and shorts. Implants are a good alternative to using fat for augmentation for patients who don’t have much excess fatty tissue. Learn More

Calf Implants

Men who are disappointed with stick-thin lower legs often desire well-defined, toned calves. Unfortunately, even athletic men who exercise often can have a difficult time developing the calf muscles. Silicone implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice, adding subtle contours that look natural. The implants are solid but soft and won’t rupture or leak. Learn More

Custom Implants

Dr. DuPéré can customize implants to meet the needs of each patient. Implants are made of a solid but soft silicone material. The implants don’t contain gel, so there is no risk of leakage. Customizing implants begins with an initial appointment at which a mould is made and then sent to be fabricated. It is sterilized and then shipped back to Toronto for implantation. The artistry of the plastic surgeon is very important in the creation of custom implants. Let Dr. DuPéré craft a custom solution for your exact needs.