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Injectables / Wrinkle Correction

Wrinkle Correction

Youthful skin is smooth and elastic. Over time, your skin gradually loses its pliability, and after decades of smiling, frowning, and furrowing, wrinkles start to form. Known as "dynamic wrinkles," these lines and creases are the result of repeated muscle movements

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How Can Wrinkle Correction Help?

Injectable wrinkle treatments block the nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions that lead to dynamic wrinkles. These treatments can correct the following signs of facial aging:

  • Horizontal forehead “worry” creases
  • “Frown lines,” or vertical “angry” lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s-feet
  • Tight neck bands
  • Perioral “smoker’s lines”
  • “Marionette lines”
  • Nasal “bunny” lines
  • Gummy smile
  • Squaring of lower face with masseter muscle enlargement
  • Droopy nasal tip

Certain injectables can also alleviate excessive sweating. Excessive sweating of hands, feet, and underarms can easily be treated in 30 minutes.

The success of injectable wrinkle treatments depends highly on the skill and expertise of the injector. Ensure beautiful results — and your safety — by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon. Dr. Marc DuPéré can rejuvenate the face using a number of different medical treatments, including injectable wrinkle treatments, a popular choice in Toronto. Request a consultation online with Dr. DuPéré, or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

Dr. DuPéré’s Wrinkle Correction Techniques

Dr. DuPéré practices careful attention to detail, working to maintain or restore each patient’s characteristically feminine or masculine facial features. Women tend to have more triangular-shaped faces, and men’s faces are more squared. Dr. DuPéré works within these natural guidelines to subtly refresh all his patients’ faces. Dr. DuPéré encourages his patients to bring in old pictures of themselves when they were young, as those are very helpful for the overall rejuvenation experience.

Wrinkle correction at Visage Clinic is much more than just filling up lines. Dr. DuPéré takes a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation with techniques such as volume restoration and soft tissue lifting. He often performs both wrinkle reduction and dermal filler treatments on the same day as a patient’s consultation. In some cases, Dr. DuPéré may recommend combining nonsurgical treatments with a mini facelift as part of a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

At other clinics, aestheticians and nurses often inject wrinkle treatments. At Visage Clinic, Dr. DuPéré performs all the wrinkle treatments, including dermal fillers, to be sure all his Toronto patients are cared for by the qualified plastic surgeon they deserve. He regularly instructs other doctors on advanced injection techniques and receives an annual invitation to the “expert injector only” Allergan Academy and F.A.C.E. meetings in the United States and Canada.