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Face / Men’s Skin Care & Injectables

Men's Skin Care & Injectables

Men of every age are choosing to undergo procedures to improve or restore their appearance. In the competitive world of business, for example, a professional image is important.

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A Professional Image is Important

Looking tired or aged can impede success. At Visage Clinic, we tailor our treatments in skin care to the specific rejuvenation needs of Toronto men.

Let a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon customize your skin rejuvenation treatments to befit your masculine features. Request a consultation with Dr. Marc DuPéré online, or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

Accounting for Gender Differences

Increasing numbers of men are opting for dermal fillers (sometimes called “manjectables”) and BOTOX® Cosmetic in Toronto. A good injector must be careful to maintain male patients’ masculine features. The bony and angular forms of the male face convey masculinity, as opposed to the curves, softness, and triangular shape of the female face. The plastic surgeon must enhance those angular characteristics.


Hollowing around the eyes creates a tired, sad look for both men and women. Therefore, treatment of certain areas including the tear troughs and the lid-cheek groove is similar for both sexes. However, because men’s upper orbital area should remain slightly bony, dermal fillers are not commonly used in this area.


Conservative treatment is a must when treating men’s lips. The vermilion border, or lip border, should not be too defined, and the volume of lips should remain at a minimum. We rejuvenate, rather than augment, our male patients’ lips.


Conservative treatment is also a must here. The male face is square — not triangular. The medial (inner) cheeks should be flatter than their female counterparts’ cheeks. Good examples of men with flat cheeks include a young James Dean or Sean Connery. The plastic surgeon must refrain from overfilling both the inner and outer cheek areas.


A strong chin denotes power and leadership (think Brian Mulroney). This defining feature is assertive and “alpha.” The chin should be harmonious with the nose in a man’s profile. Dermal fillers are a fantastic option for the chin and can convert a small, weak, retro-positioned chin into a forward, strong, assertive, masculine profile.


Hollowing in the temples is often associated with aging or with chronic medical conditions. We apply dermal fillers conservatively as an effective adjunct to men’s pan-facial rejuvenation.

Jaw Angle

A well-defined jaw angle is a very attractive masculine feature. We use dermal fillers such as RADIESSE®, Sculptra®, JUVÉDERM®, and Restylane® for Toronto men’s jaw enhancement, injecting the fillers into the posterior aspect of the jawline to create a square shape in the lower face and complement the chin.


The dorsum of the nose should be slightly higher in the male, especially where the nose meets the forehead (called the nasion). We use dermal fillers to augment the nasion slightly for a more masculine profile. We also inject dermal fillers above and below a dorsal hump to soften the appearance of dorsal hump deformities.

Wrinkle-Reducing Injections with Botulinum Protein A
(BOTOX®, Dysport®, XEOMIN®)

Men usually require a higher dose than women do for wrinkle-reducing treatments, as men’s muscles are thicker and stronger. Crow’s-feet are often stronger in males, for instance, and can require a second row of injections to catch the entire width of the periorbital muscle. We also take care to avoid raising men’s outer eyebrows excessively, as a high-arched eyebrow is not a masculine feature.