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Meet Our Staff

Our Staff

Each member of our team at VISAGE Clinic contributes to a successful outcome for our patients. That is why we take the same amount of care in selecting and training our employees as we do in performing our procedures. Each employee at our Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery office works to provide the best possible experience for every client, from the first call to the final follow-up appointment.

Get to know the members of our family by requesting a consultation or calling (416) 929-9800 to schedule an appointment and meet us in person.

Dr. Marc DuPéré

Marc DuPéré, M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S.C.Dr. DuPéré founded his private plastic surgery practice VISAGE Clinic in 2003, which today includes a fully accredited, onsite surgical centre and luxurious, full-service medical spa. Dr. DuPéré began practicing in 2001, after years of rigorous training at respected medical institutions around the globe. His training includes a fellowship in Paris under internationally recognized plastic surgeons, and afterwards additional training under other globally-recognized experts in Los Angeles, New York, and Brazil. A specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as facial injectables, Dr. DuPéré is both a master plastic surgeon and an artist with an innate eye for proportion, anatomy, and natural beauty.


Willians, Practice Manager – Willians joined Visage Clinic in 2007 and plans on a long future helping our plastic surgery patients from in and around Toronto, Ontario. His passion for the medical aesthetics industry couples perfectly with his professionalism in this innovative organization. Willians’ education began in Brazil and culminated in Canada at George Brown College, but he continues to further his education in customer service management. Willians speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish and coordinates all patient-relation functions, business operations, public relations, and sales and marketing efforts for our practice. His creativity and entrepreneurial skills have greatly contributed to the expansion and success of Visage.


Jay, Nurse – Jay is a versatile member of the Visage team. He is both a licensed Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) and a Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician (CMDRT) by the Canadian Standards Association. His task is to ensure the smooth flow of operations in the OR, giving you a safe, pleasant, and comfortable surgical experience. Jay is looking forward to meeting you in the OR, and after your surgical recovery.


Rachael, Registered Nurse, My name is Rachael and I am part of the nursing team that you will meet and get to know on your very first day at the clinic. I graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, as well as from Trent University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree. My background in research and as a medical-surgical, emergency, and aesthetic Registered nurse are what makes me a knowledgeable care provider for our patients here at VISAGE. I strive to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and exceptional care to all my patients. This means that I take the time to listen to you and get to know you and your goals. I want every patient to feel heard and to have the best experience possible while they visit us at VISAGE.

When I am not working as a nurse, I am either travelling or planning my next travel adventure!

I await the opportunity to get to know you and I am confident that you will love VISAGE clinic.

Ray, Registered Nurse, Hello! My name is Rachael, but I go by Ray here at the clinic. I am one of the staff nurses at Visage. I graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I have worked in a variety of specialties including mental health and geriatrics. My main background, however, is in emergency medicine. Being an emergency nurse has strengthened my clinical practice, allowing me to provide you with a standard of care that I would want my own loved ones to receive. I have always been passionate about what we as nurses call “client-centered care”. This means that when you walk through the doors of Visage, I strive to see you as an individual patient with your own unique needs and experiences. I want to meet every patient from a place of compassion and help facilitate your journey with our clinic so that you may always feel comfortable and cared for. Outside of healthcare, I write poetry and prose with my cat beside me.

We love what we do here at Visage and our aim is to provide you with an experience like no other. I look forward to meeting you!


Jennifer, Senior Patient Advisor, – Jennifer is one of the first faces you will see when walking into the stunning Visage Clinic. She has been in the cosmetic surgery industry for over 12 years and manages a busy household with two children. When she isn’t occupied with her family you will find her at the gym or a hot yoga class.

Her career started in fashion and arts, finding passion in photography within a specialty arts high school then progressing into event planning and promotional work where she discovered her passion for client service. When living in British Columbia working at an Aveda concept salon, she decided then that she loved the beauty industry. Upon returning to Toronto she decided to pursue a career in the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics industry running a surgical center.

We welcome her vast knowledge of the aesthetic/cosmetic industry and client care to Visage Clinic, she is happy to share her knowledge and passion for educating patients.


Bruna, Surgical Coordinator, Hello, my name is Bruna and I am the surgical coordinator here at Visage. Originally from Brazil, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and start a new chapter of my life in Canada. I have always been passionate about caring for people. I graduated with a Nutrition Science degree in university. I have four years of experience as a researcher and dietitian in a cardiovascular hospital and have taken care of patients in the ICU, those in-line waiting for lung and heart transplants, as well as surgical patients pre and post-operatively. This background gave me the confidence and knowledge to give my best in coordinating all surgical procedures and facilitating the overall patient experience at Visage.

During my free time, I love cooking healthy and delicious food and meal-planning for my family. Dedicated and focused, I always do my best to provide the best experience for all the clients at Visage Clinic.


Suzanne, Patient Advisor, I am a front desk patient advisor, and you will find me greeting and assisting clients when you first approach the clinic.
I have been in the customer service industry for over 20 years, both with owning my own businesses and as a front receptionist for a prominent Toronto interior design firm.
Having returned to school to specialize in medical reception, upon graduation I was given the wonderful opportunity to work at Visage Clinic. This has been an ongoing learning curve that I fully enjoy, and look forward to absorbing more and more information about this fascinating industry as time goes by.


Nicole, Master Esthetician, Born in high park area, Toronto, Canada. Nicole was raised by her Slovakian family, particularly brought up by hergrandmother. Nicole remembers her grandmother as always looking her best, with her hair styled, her foulard tied perfectly and always following her skin care routine which provided her with that special glow and look of confidence. To Nicole, beautiful skin equals beautiful confidence.

Nicole credits her passion in starting her skincare journey to hergrandmother by entrenching in her the value of always striving to look better then the day before and the confidence that it instills.

Nicole’s passion for wanting to help people reach their best self was further solidified from her personal struggles with severecystic acne in her adolescence which sparked her interest in all things skin, “healthy glow.” In her struggles with acne, she was determined in finding the best skin care, treatments, and clinics in the GTA. She experimented with different products and metwith various dermatologists who unfortunately failed to help control her acne. In her persistent and continuous journey to better skin she finally landed on the expertise from a doctor at anacne clinic. Under his care, guidance, and expertise her acne was eliminated with a transformation from sever uneven skin and pigment to flawless, smooth skin. This was life changing for Nicole. It was because of this and her recollections of hergrandmother that she now knew that her calling in life was to be help others achieve their best self. Nicole has made it her Mission Statement to provide her clients with the best care and knowledge possible.

During this time Nicole was enrolled in University for Architecture but left the university to continue her education in medical Aesthetics. Now focused on growing her knowledge by gathering as much information and training as possible. Nicolefeels that continuous formal training is essential, but also credits her learning over the past years to support the individual needs for the many different skin concerns faced by her clients. She enjoys being a part of her clients’ journey as they overcome skin challenges and truly finds happiness in seeing their excitement and smiles as they achieve their goals.

Nicole now has over 22 years of experience and is highly regarded by her clients for her professionalism, caring nature, and a genuine passion for her work. Nicole’s dedication and passion in her field provided with thorough training and continual updates on advancements in their field to ensure client safety and satisfaction.

Among many qualifications in the multitude areas of medical aesthetics, Nicole specializes in skin resurfacing, laser hair removal skin rejuvenations including Acne and rosaceconditions.

Vaginal rejuvenation is another one of Nicole favourite treatment. Minimal downtime, painless and the procedure takes less then 15 minutes (an area women sometimes forget can be treated).

Nicole ensures that all clients feel welcome and special and provides that extra touch in providing her clients with the knowledge “Tips and Techniques” of what is behind each treatment and what are the expectations. Nicole reminds her clients that “To Achieve Great Skin is a Process”, and provides healthy skin care protocols for her clients which includes in-clinic and at home care to help to achieve optimal results.

Nicole has helped her clients achieve better skin condition in their 40s, 50s then they had in their younger years due to constant care with updated treatments. Of course, prevention is Nicole favourite practice and prevention can start at any age with proper consulting.


Sheri, Master Esthetician, I became an Esthetician in the mid 80’s back when it was a fairly new thing in Canada. I guess I kinda got in on the ground floor. I always knew I wanted to help people. My goal was to be a physiotherapist when I started grade 9, but by the end of high school the idea of getting into the beauty industry, especially in a way to help people with their skin concerns, appealed to me greatly.

By the time I was 21, I owned my own spa in London Ontario . In my spare time , I taught at the Elegance School of Esthetics for many years as well. I continued my education and took multiple courses over the years. When I moved to Toronto, almost 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to advance towards Medical Esthetics and Laser Technology. After graduating, I was fortunate enough to work at a medspa that continued to send me for advanced laser and Esthetics courses.

For the last 11 years I worked at the Toronto Dermatology Centre, under the guidance of several amazing dermatologists. This is where I learned about skin! This is where I learned my love for lasers, the amazing ability of skin regeneration, and the possibility of scar reduction, anti- aging and most importantly, how to help people maintain their beauty at home.

I am one of those people who chose a profession early in life, and it is everything I am. I write about skin, I read about lasers and technologies and new services that have an increased capacity to correct. It is one of my biggest passions. The others are my amazing daughter and running /fitness and of course my 17 year old dog!!

What is my philosophy? Well, I used to think that if there wasn’t something obvious to correct, then why bother? But I have come to the conclusion that what is important and very visible to the patient is so much more important than the degree to which it is visible to me. I choose to see my patient through their eyes, and I will research and create a plan to help them accomplish their desired look. As is with most things in life, there is often a path that needs to be travelled before the journey is complete. I believe that what I can do for my patient in the clinic is only as good as what they are doing for their skin at home. I take a little longer with my consults, I teach my patients and explain in detail everything to get them where they are going and most importantly, why and how my suggestions will work.

I am never going to be that person who pushes, I am not aggressive…… but I will always utilize my education and experience to be honest, trustworthy and proud of the work I do to keep my patients on the right path when it comes to their skin.


Brenna, French Maid, former advertising professional! She enjoys a truly healthy lifestyle.

Tired of the routine, she is always looking for something new. Brenna is originally from Brazil.

She is amazed by the culture diversity from Toronto.

Some people say she was crazy of leaving Brazil, but she believes that leaving her comfort zone has made her to be more confident and achieve her dreams.

Brenna main role at VISAGE is enhance our patient’s experience and distribute our amenities. She always encounters great satisfaction from making our clients feel warm and welcome by offering a unique experience.


Tamara, French Maid, Hello, my name is Tamara! I am originally from Brazil. I fell in love with Toronto on the first trip I took here, and at that moment I decided that this is where I would live. Nowadays, in my free time, I like to enjoy the summer days and the energy that this season brings to the city!

I have more than 10 years of experience with customer service, I feel very happy to be part of the team and to be able to offer my services and experience here at Visage clinic.

I really like that people feel special, comfortable and can quietly enjoy the atmosphere and the delights of the menu we have to offer.

Other people say I am calm and dedicated to everything I do and I always do my best Hope we can meet at Visage clinic soon, I would be honored to serve you

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