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Laser & Light Treatments / Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Aging, sun exposure, heredity, and lifestyle factors including nutrition, alcohol consumption, and smoking may all contribute to facial aging. Other factors include taking birth control pills, pregnancy, or genetics. Laser skin resurfacing, offered in Toronto at Visage Clinic, can help you fight back against all these factors and rejuvenate your skin by alleviating sun damage, wrinkling, and other conditions.

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How Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Help?

Laser skin resurfacing can help alleviate several conditions, including:

  • Pigmentation changes, such as blotchiness or brown spots
  • Scarring
  • Uneven patches due to acne or other conditions
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

Are you interested in a laser treatment in Toronto to reduce the signs of facial aging? Request a consultation online with Dr. Marc DuPéré or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

Dr. DuPéré’s Laser Skin Resurfacing Techniques

Dr. DuPéré applies laser energy to the treated areas, causing light thermal damage to the underlying dermis and epidermis. This triggers the formation of new epidermis and new collagen fibers in the dermis, which eventually tighten the overlying skin as a result. These principles apply to many technologies using light or radio waves. Examples include intense pulsed light (IPL), Thermage® and electrical stimulation.

Laser skin resurfacing is best combined with an appropriate supervised skincare treatment. The use of injectable wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers can also enhance the results.

Skin resurfacing is performed with the Sciton® erbium technology. This treatment softens sharp edges of surface irregularities, including acne, scars, and fine wrinkles, especially around the mouth. It can also prove beneficial for acne scars but does require some downtime. It is not recommended for darker skin because of its potential for hypopigmentation. If the downtime is a significant factor for our patients contemplating resurfacing, we can divide the treatments into “fractions,” hence profractional treatment. Using 6 smaller treatments at several weeks apart, the benefits of resurfacing are obtained with less downtime.

Your Common Laser Skin Resurfacing Questions

  • What is the difference between laser and BBL technology?

    BBL, short for broadband light, is a light-based therapy that offers many of the same benefits as laser energy. Dr. DuPéré offers both options at Visage. Although there are many differences between laser and BBL technology (and still more differences between devices within those categories), understanding some key points can make it easier to choose the procedure that’s best for you. The primary difference between laser resurfacing and BBL is depth and wavelength. A single BBL device can emit energy at variable wavelength and relatively superficial depths. Laser energy, on the other hand, is usually one single, strong wavelength that can penetrate at a deeper, fixed depth. This makes laser procedures better for treating significant complaints, while BBL (and its cousin, IPL) are better suited for mild conditions. Dr. DuPéré is fond of Sciton, a prominent manufacturer whose BBL and laser therapies keep skin “forever young,” “forever clear,” and “forever bare.”

  • Are these treatments effective on dark skin?

    Unfortunately, laser and light therapies have the potential to permanently discolor dark skin. For these patients, we recommend treatment with the Halo® laser, which is safe and effective for all skin types. This gentle device can resurface darker skin without the risk of lasting discoloration.

  • What is recovery like?

    The specifics of recuperation depend on specifics of the procedure. In many cases, Dr. DuPéré can customize your treatment based on your preferred downtime. For example, treatment with our Sciton laser can be administered as a single intense treatment with 3 to 10 days of redness and peeling or as multiple gentler treatments for a gradual improvement. In any case, good sun protection is vital after a laser or light treatment. Renewed skin is more sensitive to UV rays, and keeping it protected from sunlight as it heals helps to ensure beautiful results. Of course, we have a selection of products to help nourish and protect post-procedure skin.

  • How long will my results last?

    The duration of your results also depends on the specific procedure you undergo, as well as the condition you’re treating. Results created by BBL and IPL typically last for several months, and many patients opt to undergo regular treatments once every several months to maintain their results. With deep laser resurfacing treatments, results can last for several years. During your initial consultation, we will carefully evaluate your skin and work together to find the treatment that works best for you and your timeline.