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Worthy Health and Beauty Benefits of DIY Body treatments

May 26th, 2020 Share

We are all guilty of always focusing our attention to our most exposed body areas such as the face, hands and feet while we tend to neglect the rest of our body. Unfortunately, we don’t realize how important the health of our skin is for our overall health and wellbeing.

The skin is our largest external organ and our frontline defense against external aggressors. Its thermoregulatory action helps regulate temperature by such actions as sweating and shivering; constricting vessels to retain heat and dilating vessels to release heat.  Our skin barrier system also protects us from dangerous substances entering the body.  Our skin is the body’s channel of communication with its surrounding environment, defending us from the incursion of ultraviolet rays, chemical agents and microorganisms.

Since our skin’s primary function is to act as a protective barrier, it is in our best interest to help our body maintain balance by protecting and taking better care of our skin.

Our skin is composed of three superimposed layers:

Epidermis – this is our outermost layer which primary function is to protect the skin from external aggressors. Our skin’s luster and radiance are the reflect of the health of our epidermis.

Dermis – our dermis gives our skin its firmness and tone and contributes to its hydration.  This is also where one will find the hair follicles, the sweat glands, and a large proportion of small blood vessels, etc.

Hypodermis– the hypodermis is the skin’s deepest and thickest subcutaneous tissue and is essentially made up of adipocytes (fat cells) and connective tissue. Its main function is to provide a protective and thermal insulation padding for the body.

Our first focus should be to work on the epidermis, as it is our protective layer and its health are imperative for the other layers to work effectively for us.

We can support the epidermis by providing the skin the optimal exterior environment; to do so, we can cultivate and promote a strong and balanced skin tone with regular exfoliation to release, eliminate and regenerate the skin cells. This is our first step to a healthy defense system. The skin can be gently exfoliated daily by using products containing low acid concentration of lactic and fruit acids.

Conserving a balanced skin PH helps to build an optimal atmosphere on the surface of the skin. The skin’s optimal PH value on our face and body is slightly acid between 4.7- 6.5 on the PH scale of 1-14 where 1 is the highest level of acidity, 14 is the highest level of alkalinity and where 7 is considered neutral. Therefore, we need to look for PH-balanced products that fall in the range of normal skin. When the skin is too alkaline, you will experience dehydration, dryness and sometimes inflammation. When the skin is too acidic, you may experience irritation, eczema and acne breakouts. Maintaining a slightly acidic barrier is our best support in keeping bacteria out and preserving our moisture.

Therefore, I love using Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 Corps, this easy to use light body spray mist stimulates the skin’s exfoliation and accelerates cellular renewal. Eliminating accumulated dead cells aids in the purification and balancing of the skin’s surface PH. Lotion P50 corps can be used daily after your shower, followed by your favorite Biologique Recherche body cream or oil.

For a more in-depth body exfoliation treatment, I have created this “easy-to-follow” home care treatment using Biologique Recherche body products to heighten our skin’s protection and reveal a more healthy and radiant tone for the summer. This body polish treatment can be done once per week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Brightening & Oxygenating HOME DIY body polish


Products needed:

BR Gommage P50 Corps: This exfoliation booster delivers both a mechanical and biological exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin.

BR Lotion P50 Corps: This gentle exfoliating lotion with AHA, BHA and PHA acids accelerates cellular renewal, balances and cleanses the skin.

BR Body Glove: A double sided silicone glove to help enhance exfoliation and maximize results.

BR Body Oxygénant: An Oxygenating oil complex that heals, repairs, hydrates and targets cellulite.

BR Emulsion Corps VIP 02: This hydrating and oxygenating body lotion stimulates the skin’s natural defenses, stimulates cell regeneration and repair, while protecting the skin from daily aggressors.



  1. Start by taking a warm shower to open the pores for better absorption of the products; apply BR Gommage P50 Corps to the wet skin, concentrating on rough areas such as elbows, knees and heels. Rinse off and finish with a splash of cold water.
  2. After you shower and thoroughly dry your body, apply Lotion P50 Corps by spraying all over the body and then massaging it with your hands and/or if you want to optimize the exfoliation, you can use the BR body glove on the thick spikes side, applying light pressure with ascending smoothing movements until the product has been completely absorbed into the skin.
  3. Proceed with the application BR Body Oxygénant oil treatment. Apply a small amount on areas where you want to target cellulite, deeply hydrate or reduce the skin’s orange peel (pitting skin appearance). Massage until completely absorbed. For cellulite, use the BR body glove on the thin spike side to help soften and breakdown stubborn areas.
  4. Next, finish with the application of BR Emulsion corps VIP02 all over the body with gentle ascending strokes using the BR body glove on the thin spikes side to help the activate ingredients absorb deeper into the skin.


Again, this body polish treatment can be done once per week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Gabriela Madrid, Senior and Master Aesthetician VISAGE Clinic, Skin Lab, Laser and MedSpa.