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Why the Fuss about Buttocks?

November 23rd, 2014 Share

Buttock Augmentation procedure is among one of my specialties, and as you may know, only a few plastic surgeons perform these procedures in North America.  It is while travelling and learning in Brazil that I discovered the power and significance of a nice, full and sexy buttock area.

With our society now extremely focused on being thin and slim, only 2 body areas remain where fullness and roundness is regarded as attractive and sexy:  breasts and buttocks.  But hips are now back on the rise!  See my future blog on hip!

I am been performing buttock augmentation since I initially learned the procedure in 2004; attending various courses given by the 4 world specialists:  Dr. De La Pina in Mexico, Dr. Mendieta in Miami, Dr. Del Vecchio in Boston and Dr. R. Gonzalez Brazil.  This has now become a very popular procedure in my practice, having done several hundreds of buttock augmentations over 10 years, both with ladies and gentlemen; 75% of requests for these procedures are from ladies, and 25% from men.  Although a buttock augmentation was initially requested from patients of Latin, Caribbean and South American descent, it has now reached all cultures in our VISAGE Clinics in Toronto.

Most patients request this procedure for a fuller buttock, for a sexier back-side and for a better fit in clothing.  And this is true for both males and females.  But the shape is different between the 2 genders (see blog on the aesthetics of buttocks).  As an added benefit, a buttock augmentation will also provide a lift of the soft tissue, (as loss of firmness is something that most of us get over time.  For serious sagginess of the buttock however, as seen in serious weight loss, a buttock lift might be required in addition to implants, along with a soft tissue suspension.

Buttock augmentation is one of my many favourite procedures!

by Dr. Marc DuPere