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What You Can Expect For Your Neck Lift Recovery

August 20th, 2022 Share

Neck lifts are one of those procedures that offer such great results but are often not talked about enough. If you are sick of gazing in the mirror at the extra skin and fat beneath your chin, and you have finally made up your mind to do something about it – neck lift surgery might be the best option for you.

It’s likely that you have some inquiries about the healing procedure if you’re debating this type of surgery. How long does it take for the wounds to completely heal? How many days of vacation time do I need to request from my employer? When will I be able to see the completed results? While these are all valid questions to have, we took it upon ourselves to explain everything you can expect during your recovery period. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the healing process after a neck lift.

Recovery Timeline After A Neck Lift

The Day Of Your Procedure

You should anticipate that the neck lift procedure itself will take roughly one and a half hours, and you will need to arrive early for the preoperative preparations. Because it is an outpatient operation, you will need to make arrangements for a trip back home once the procedure has been completed.

You will most likely be asleep or under general anesthesia throughout the procedure as well. Because you will be drowsy after your neck lift, you should have someone remain with you overnight so that they can assist in monitoring you and keep an eye on you. This will also help you throughout the first few days as you may need assistance grabbing certain things or making yourself comfortable.

The Following Morning

The true healing from the neck lift now starts at this point. It’s possible that you were discharged from the clinic with a constrictive bandage around your neck and/or a tube connected to facilitate fluid drainage. The instructions on how to properly care for them will be provided to you by your doctor during your initial consultation.

During the time that you are healing after a neck lift, it is essential that you maintain your head raised above the level of your heart. This includes sleeping in a chair or with your head elevated on pillows in your bed while you’re asleep.

Patients often have the greatest discomfort on the first day following their cosmetic surgery. The medicine for your pain will be provided to you by your doctor, and you may take it as directed.

The Second And Third Day After Having A Neck Lift Done

We can only hope that from this point on, the days will get less difficult. At the follow-up session, your doctor will remove the drain and the bandages and, if necessary, will redress the wound. This appointment will take place a few days after the first procedure.

In order for you to recuperate well after your neck lift, getting enough rest is really necessary. A lot of individuals make the mistake of trying to accomplish too much, too quickly. Even if you start to feel better by day three, it is not yet a safe time to engage in physically taxing activities. That being said, you are allowed to move about a little bit more, but be sure not to overdo it.

It is possible that the swelling and bruises that resulted after your neck lift will be at their worst by day three. Please do not stop taking the pain medicine your doctor has recommended for you. If you overtax your body with activities, the discomfort and swelling will only become worse; thus, you should consider this as a warning message from your body.

A Week Following Your Neck Lift

You should start to feel a little bit more energized and the swelling and bruising that resulted from your neck lift surgery should have started to go down by this point. You may do some simple chores and maybe even go for a brief stroll, but you should still take it easy for the time being.

You should plan on taking at least three weeks off from playing sports before you may return to your regular level of physical exercise.

The Second Week Of Recovery After A Neck Lift

Isn’t it true that time cures all wounds? Be careful not to be tricked by the fact that you may feel better during the second week after cosmetic surgery than you did before the procedure; yet, your body is still in the process of recovering.

You will still exhibit some obvious bruising and swelling, and it is even conceivable that you could have some numbness or tingling in the affected area. All of these symptoms and sensations are quite normal, including the possibility that you may feel a tightness in your neck for many months.

By the end of the second week, the edema should have decreased. After having a neck lift, you should now be able to start seeing the benefits of the procedure. Although it is too soon to make a definitive assessment of the effects of your cosmetic surgery, you should at least be able to see some positive changes. The process of recovery and the effects it produces will be different for each individual.

At this juncture, there are some among us who make the decision to go back to work. The decision that is best for you will depend on the responsibilities you have at work as well as the amount of time you need to recuperate on your own. Do not be hesitant to see your physician if you are unsure about anything.

Three Weeks After Your Neck Lift

It’s likely that your doctor has already removed your sutures by this point; this can happen anywhere between the end of week one and end of week three. You should be able to observe some favorable outcomes from your neck lift surgery, with the exception of any swelling that may persist after the procedure.

If you believe you are ready to do so, you should also be able to resume participating in sports and other physically demanding activities. Your incision site will still be a somewhat reddish tint, but it shouldn’t be too evident to others that you’ve had cosmetic surgery at this time.

The Fourth Week After The Procedure

You have now completed the first month that has passed since you had surgery to elevate and rejuvenate your neck. You should be completely back to your usual activities at this stage, including working and participating in sports. Obviously, you need to pay close attention to how your body reacts to what you’re doing; if it’s too much, your body will tell you to slow down.

It is conceivable that you may still feel some stiffness, and you may even have some mild swelling and bruising, but it is likely that these symptoms will only be noticeable to you, which means that you will be able to go out in public without feeling self-conscious about your neck lift procedure.

Tips For A Healthy Recovery After A Neck Lift

The recuperation time after any kind of surgical surgery demands patience, and the necklift is not an exception to this rule. The good news is that you may speed up the process of recovery by:

Always Be Sure To Follow The Advice Of Your Doctor

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a list of thorough instructions for recovery things like medicine, ice, heat, and nutrients. If you have any questions, be sure to ask for clarification.

Never Over-Do-It During Your Recovery

Take things easy and pay attention to what your body tells you, even if you are feeling completely fine, take things one step at a time.

Make Sure To Follow A Good Diet And Drink Enough Water

In order for your body to effectively heal, it needs some time to rest and recover. Drinking enough water and eating the proper food will only help your recovery process.

Avoid Stress As Much As You Can

Make sure that you have assistance, particularly in the first several days after the operation. During the first stages of your recovery, you should prioritize getting enough rest and clearing your calendar to avoid unwanted stress during your first few days of recovery.

Have An Optimistic Mindset

Always keep the main goal in mind, and be sure to keep everything else in proper perspective.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid all types of nicotine, smoking, and other drugs and alcohol during your recovery. Use just the prescribed medicines prescribed to you by your doctor. If you have any queries concerning medications, contact your surgeon.

Find Out More About The Neck Lift Recovery Process In Toronto

No matter what the reason was for you to choose neck lift surgery in the first place, the primary objective of the procedure is to help you feel better about yourself and fall in love with your appearance.

Take your time to allow yourself to recover completely, and keep in mind that no two people are exactly the same — the schedule provided is simply a general summary of the process. The process of recovering after a neck lift will be different for each individual.

Are you thinking of having surgery to tighten the skin around your neck? Call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Any one of our trained experts at Visage Clinic in Toronto would be delighted to be of assistance to you!