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What Makes Our Medical Spa In Toronto Different

November 20th, 2021 Share

The majority of us are aware of the consequences of aging on our faces, such as wrinkles, discoloration, sagging, and dullness, among other things. There are a variety of factors that contribute to these symptoms, and some of them, such as heredity, are out of our direct control.

However, one aspect of our skin care that we can influence is how we treat it. The nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments available at our Toronto medical spa may help you turn back the clock on skin and face aging and maintain a bright and young appearance for years to come.

Visage Medical Spa is one of the Most Prestigious Health and Beauty Destinations In Toronto

Our skin is the greatest organ in our body, and it protects us from the weather, serves as a barrier, and contains organs and tissues. However, because of our hectic schedules, we often forget to take care of it and end up disregarding the problem. Visage Medical Spa may provide skin-rejuvenating treatments to help maintain the skin looking young and healthy.

Our clinic takes pride in providing our patients with the newest non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic treatments and skin care therapies available at our MedSpa. Our patients may achieve a more youthful appearance with little or no downtime and without the need for surgery.

Botox and a variety of injectable fillers may be used to smooth unattractive wrinkles and keep them gone for up to a year with good results. If you have a problem with rough, uneven skin, facial veins, or undesirable pigmentation, you’re in luck because there is a solution for you. Skin care products and laser treatments from Visage Medical Spa may do wonders for the appearance of aged skin.

What Makes our Medical Spa Different from Other Types of Facilities

The most significant distinction between conventional and medical spas is the range of therapies and treatments that are available at our single location. Medical spas must be linked with, administered by, or under the supervision of a licensed medical professional such as our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. DuPéré. Our team at Visage Medical Spa Toronto recognizes that each individual is unique and that each individual has different skincare requirements depending on their lifestyle and skin type which is why we offer a broad amount of treatments that we are able to tailor specifically to your needs.

Who is Responsible for Administering the Treatments?

Dr. DuPéré is aided by master esthetician Gabriela and her team of estheticians, each of whom is dedicated to bringing out the natural brightness of the skin in their patients. Gabriela and her team at Visage Clinic provide a comprehensive range of skincare procedures, all of which have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical studies. Gabriela or another one of our highly skilled estheticians can tighten and tone skin, give definition, eliminate wrinkles, or just produce a gorgeous glow that looks amazing on everyone. As individuals, we treat each patient individually, taking the time to get to know his or her skin and tailoring our treatment to the patient’s lifestyle, objectives, and previous skincare experience.

Dr. DuPéré and Gabriela often work together to treat patients before and after surgical procedures, boosting the effects of facial or body rejuvenation procedures and decreasing the appearance of scars, respectively. We are certain that they will be able to bring out your inherent beauty when they work together.

Treatments and Services We Offer at Visage Medical Spa in Toronto

Visage Clinic Toronto is well-known for offering a comprehensive variety of plastic surgery procedures as well as skin rejuvenation treatments to its patients. Our team takes great pleasure in providing the highest level of patient care and customer service to our patients. Located in the heart of the city, our facility is a blend between a medical plastic surgery clinic and a luxurious spa, offering a wide range of skin rejuvenation procedures. A relaxing experience combined with the treatments that are typically seen in the doctor’s office is what we want to achieve with each of our services.

Attending regular medical spa treatments might help you feel and look your best. Some of the possible advantages are as follows:

  • Treatment alternatives that are cutting-edge
  • Advice from professionals
  • Environment that is calm and relaxing
  • The most up-to-date technology

Medi-spas are fast gaining in popularity as more people want to have cosmetic procedures performed under medical supervision. They may also educate individuals on how to avoid skin damage and recommend items and products that are most appropriate for their needs.

We offer the following services at Visage Medical Spa Toronto:

Filler Options

The use of BOTOX treatment and dermal fillers to minimize wrinkles, restore volume loss, plump the skin, enhance lips, and shape facial features are some of the cosmetic injectable treatments we provide at our practice. Our medical esthetician will do a complete examination in order to choose the most appropriate therapy for you.


It is a novel, non-invasive, long-lasting option for body sculpting and for eliminating the unsightly look of cellulite and undesirable fat on the thighs and buttocks. Suction paired negative pressure and deep tissue heating are some of the modalities that are used in conjunction with this technique.

Laser Hair Removal

Our hair removal system is equipped with diolaze, which is the world’s quickest high-speed diode hair removal technology. It offers one of the biggest treatment spot sizes available, allowing for quick and simple treatments. It is safe to apply on almost any region of the body where there is unwanted hair.

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Botox injections are available for the treatment of excessive sweating. Temporarily inhibiting the release of a substance that is responsible for activating the sweat glands in the body. The treatment takes around 20-40 minutes, depending on the location, and there is no need for recuperation time.

Micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

It is also referred to as collagen induction therapy, and it is a rejuvenating and less invasive treatment. Improved texture, as well as a decrease in the appearance of stretch marks, the size of pores, and scars, are all possible outcomes.


The therapy employs powerful pulsed light to penetrate deeply into the skin, which allows for faster healing. It enhances uniform skin tone, decreases age spots, sun spots, broken capillaries, and helps to improve the appearance of rosacea symptoms.

Laser Resurfacing

In order for the treatment to be effective, brief focused beams of light must be directed to the skin. People who want to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around their lips, eyes, and forehead might consider using this product. Additionally, patients who have shallow scars left behind by surgery or acne may benefit from this therapy..

Peel Treatments

Peels are available in a variety of formulations to treat a variety of issues. Pregnancy balance, acne cleansing, discolouration and hyperpigmentation are just a few of the ailments they may help with on the skin.

In the heart of Toronto, Expect only the Best Patient Care

With the purpose of creating a great experience from start to end for each and every one of our patients, we developed our flagship Yorkville site. When it comes to your visit, our well-appointed office is full with careful touches that make all the difference in how you feel.

Everything about our establishment, from the free valet parking to the stylish, sophisticated décor, is designed to promote leisure and enjoyment to all of our patients. Not only are we proud of offering luxurious services and treatments, we are able to effectively reverse the effects of aging and promote new and refreshed skin.

Anti-Aging Treatments Available

When it comes to our Medical Spa in Toronto, one of our highly asked requests is anti-aging treatments. Whether it be diminishing the signs of wrinkles or simple preventative treatments, our team of specialists are glad to help. Determining whether you’re experiencing signs of aging on the skin can be difficult, here are some signs of ageing that we found are the most noticeable. If you experience any of these signs, our anti-aging treatments could be highly effective for you:

  • Elasticity in the skin has been lost or diminished
  • Hydration has been reduced in the skin
  • Sagging of the skin
  • Loss of soft tissue volume in the face
  • Support for hyaluronic acid has been reduced.
  • A build-up of sun-damaged effects and brown discolouration
  • Capillaries are being broken down and proliferated

Treatment Options for Aging Effects

At Visage Medical Spa, our team of specialists offer only the best treatment methods to successfully remove and prevent signs of aging. Here are a few of the many treatments we offer at our clinic:

  • High-quality medical skin care products, including cleansers, moisturizers, clarifying agents, vitamin A cream recommended by a doctor, glycolic acids (AHA), form-stable vitamin C, and antioxidants.
  • Physical and chemical sunblocks, as well as medically certified sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB radiation, are available.
  • Dermal fillers, such as those from the hyaluronic acid family (Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®), or Sculptra®, may be used to restore volume to the face (temporary synthetic filler).
  • BOTOX COSMETIC® IPL and Forever Young BBLTM for the treatment of fine wrinkles, brown spots, and sun damage are also available.
  • Larger veins may be improved with the use of vascular lasers.
  • It is possible to enhance the skin texture, fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (brown spots, melasma), and moderate scars over a number of sessions using ProFractional fractional erbium laser resurfacing.
  • The Halo fractional laser is a hybrid fractional laser that treats uneven pigmentation, tone, and texture.
  • Microneedling using radiofrequency (RF) energy for wrinkles, laxity, texture, and acne scars with VoluDerm.
  • Full erbium laser resurfacing is used to treat severe wrinkles and deeper scars on the skin.
  • OxyGeneo® is a skin exfoliant that both cleanses and oxygenates the skin.

A Medical Spa in Toronto that Stands Out from the Rest

Visage Medical Spa in Toronto is a prominent medical clinic and spa in the heart of Yorkville. Our clinic is globally renowned as a medical spa that stands head and shoulders above the rest in the city of Toronto. Our team of highly skilled med spa professionals continues to provide tailored non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to address a broad range of beauty demands in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Our medical spa team is composed of the world’s most renowned beauty and skin professionals from all around the world. We pay extraordinary attention to the smallest of details to ensure we are providing the best cosmetic results in the end for our patients. Not only do we care for our patients’ overall experience, we place a high priority on your safety and comfort. In addition, we have cutting-edge equipment that is dedicated to the art of beauty.

Offering everything from non-surgical facelifts, Botox, and anti-aging treatments to body contouring, relaxing massages, and nutritional counseling, we provide a customized medical spa experience in Toronto that meets your specific requirements. We are dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and beautiful skin and it is because of our exceptional service and professionalism that we have been able to establish a Toronto medical spa that is consistently named among the finest in the world.

In order to preserve our status as one of the finest medical spas in Toronto, we are committed to providing life-changing cosmetic and aesthetic outcomes while keeping our high standards of service. We will continue to hand-pick the greatest services, equipment, products, and technology available on the market. In addition, Dr. DuPéré, one of the most well-known names in Toronto cosmetic surgery, serves as the medical director at the facility.

Book Your Personalized Consultation

We invite you to visit us at our Toronto medical spa if you are interested in learning more about one of our anti-aging or skin rejuvenation treatments. Visage Medical Spa Toronto offers our patients only the best treatments in a luxurious setting. Get in touch with us right now to book your one-of-a-kind consultation with our team of specialists. We can’t wait to meet you!