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What Is The P-Shot?

November 20th, 2021 Share

We aim to rejuvenate your health at Visage Clinic Toronto by combining a customized, holistic approach to medicine with the latest in regenerative technologies. Our bodies are continuously changing and in some cases can struggle to function as we become older. This is especially true when it comes to men’s sexual health. You may, however, revitalize your sex life with the P-Shot Treatment.

The Priapus Shot, as it’s officially called, restores sexual function and treats the physical reasons of erectile dysfunction. It does this without the need of drugs or surgery. We’re often asked whether it works. The suspicion is understandable in this case, which is why we’ve
covered everything there is to know about the P-shot and how it can transform your life.

Is The P-Shot Effective?

The short answer is yes. Thousands of patients have had this therapy and have reported better erectile function, including reduced trouble getting and keeping an erection. Many patients report increased hardness, as well as length and girth. The feeling is amplified, resulting in higher-quality orgasms and sexual pleasure.

Other issues, such as urinary incontinence or the side effects of prostate disorders, may also improve. The majority of the benefits take 2-3 weeks to appear, although you might notice improvements in as short as a day or two. The mending process continues in the background for some time, so you may detect benefits even after a month.

Another benefit of this medication is that it may be used by almost anybody. There are very few risks to this type of therapy, and excellent results have been regularly documented across a broad range of individuals. Although the degree to which it provides ideal outcomes varies from person to person, there are almost no “non-responders” who do not improve.

What is the P-Shot?

What makes the P-Shot so helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is its uniqueness. There isn’t a secret formula or a complicated chemical combination involved. The therapy is carried out by using your body’s own healing abilities, which are triggered by the administration of platelet-rich plasma, often known as PRP.

To get a sample of your blood, we will first take some blood from a vein in your arm. This sample is put into a centrifuge, which quickly spins it to separate the components. Blood is separated into its constituent parts by spinning; since each has a distinct weight, they will separate like oil and water after the blood has been spun. From there, we may extract out just the platelets and a tiny amount of blood plasma for further analysis. This procedure is performed a number of times to ensure that the platelet concentration is as high as possible.

Following the preparation of a sufficient quantity of PRP, we may inject it back into your body to deliver it precisely where it is required. The treatment will be injected directly into particular regions of your penis in order to get the desired outcomes in this scenario. We use a topical anesthetic followed by a local anesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

What is the PRP Treatment?

We often get asked “What occurs when you re-inject platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the body?”. When platelets are concentrated in a small area, they act differently than when they are dispersed. When platelets get clumped together, they begin to produce growth factors, which are proteins that signal to your healthy cells to proliferate in order to maintain their health. They also release additional substances that help to locate and eliminate damaged cells from the affected region.

A same thing occurs when you cut yourself or suffer a catastrophic injury. Take into consideration how your body will react to a wound. Initial detection of blood loss occurs when platelets release a clotting factor, instructing your blood to clot and halt the flow of blood. Because it is significantly denser than your free-flowing blood, that clot will contain a larger concentration of platelets than your free-flowing blood.

This increases your ability to concentrate even more since your body then produces a swelling reaction in the injured location. Because of the swelling, there is even more blood in the region, which results in even more platelets. Healing begins as soon as your body creates this platelet-rich milieu in your bloodstream. It is not a miracle; rather, it is the natural process by which your body restores itself.

Taking Advantage of Your Body’s Natural Capabilities

Without a doubt, we hope you never suffer significant damage, and we have no intention of inflicting any on you. By producing PRP outside of the body and injecting it back into the body, we are able to recreate the circumstances that occur after an injury, but without causing any damage. We effectively trick the body into believing that an injury has occurred, and the body reacts by mending the damaged tissue.

Even if you have never been hurt, the cells in your body have degenerated as a result of time. They’re not the same that they used to be, either. This is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, particularly in men over the age of 40. The PRP treatment, on the other hand, will cause those worn-out cells to be replaced with healthy and robust cells. All of this occurs without the need of any medicine or surgical intervention to attain the desired results.

This process begins practically immediately after the therapy, and many men report noticeably improved outcomes within a day or two after receiving the procedure. You’ll notice that your erections get stronger with each passing day as your body repairs the cells that have been destroyed. You will have a radically new sexual experience within 2-3 weeks of starting this program. Even better, you could see that your results continue to improve in the coming weeks!

What Causes PRP to Transform Penile Tissues?

So, what does PRP accomplish after it has been administered to your penis is a question worth asking. When using PRP, there are a few critical tissues that we want to target for regeneration. The corpus cavernosum is the principal one, and it is a sponge-like tissue that absorbs blood and swells as a result of this. This is the tissue that is responsible for obtaining an erection in the first place, thus it must be in excellent condition.

We also target the muscle cells that allow blood to flow into the body. Consider them to be the floodgates; if they don’t open, you won’t be able to get an erection at all. These cells generally limit blood flow, and they will not open up until they sense the presence of nitric oxide in the area. However, as you become older, your cells may become less sensitive to nitric oxide and will no longer open.

The PRP procedure also corrects this problem by exchanging unhealthy cells with healthier ones that are more responsive to the body’s impulses. In order to guarantee that the PRP is delivered to all of the appropriate tissues, we provide numerous injections along the penis to target these particular tissues.

Can the P-Shot be Combined with other Treatments?

The good news is that it is also recommended to use additional treatments in conjunction with PRP to stimulate the PRP to travel around and not leave any cells untreated or untreated cells. A vacuum pump may aid in the creation of pressure inside the penis, which pushes the PRP around and aids in its penetration into each and every cell.

Additionally, acoustic wave therapies may excite cells and urge them to react to the growth factors generated by platelet-rich plasma (PRP). We also propose that you take certain natural supplements that increase the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream, if possible.

While the majority of patients will show significant improvements following the first treatment, it is important to remember that the more advanced your age, the more difficult it will be to recover full function with a single therapy. The older you become, the fewer healthy cells you have to begin with, resulting in a longer time for the process of replacing your damaged cells to complete. There are situations when a second treatment is required, or you may like to get a follow-up treatment after a few months.

Our Approach Is Tailored to You

We are aware that no two persons are alike in any way. Because personalized therapy is more likely to be beneficial, we take the time to figure out precisely what you need before we even begin treating you. Based on the results of a preliminary assessment, we can create a treatment program that is specifically tailored to your needs. As a result, not all patients may need the use of all of the supplemental approaches we have just discussed.

We also make certain to rule out any other potential reasons of ED that the P-Shot is unable to treat. Depending on your situation, we may suggest that you wait to try PRP if your ED is the consequence of a mental health problem such as stress or depression. PRP may still be beneficial to you since a repaired physique tends to offer you more confidence, which may assist to alleviate mental difficulties.

A Time-Tested and Proven Approach

If you’re still skeptical about the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma, simply take a minute to contemplate how widely it’s been used in recent years. Doctors have been utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enhance patient outcomes for more than 50 years. Initially, it was only used for the most demanding surgical operations, and it was only given at the very end to assist patients’ recovery more quickly. Since then, researchers have been experimenting with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in almost every field of medicine.

Orthopedic medical experts have discovered that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may aid in the healing of injured ligaments and tendons without the need for surgery. Using platelet-rich plasma, you may increase the quality of your spine’s discs and restore the health of your bursae, which are both important in the prevention of chronic joint pain. These advantages are so constant that most professional sports teams employ platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as a first line of defense when treating injured sportsmen.

The effectiveness of PRP in dealing with aesthetic treatments has been studied extensively over the past couple of decades, with a large amount of research completed in this area. With the P-Shot, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may be used to treat baldness, rejuvenate the face, and even enhance the sexual experience of women. Every research repeatedly concludes that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the safest and most effective type of therapy available.

The Most Safest Method of ED Therapy

When compared to alternative forms of ED treatment, why do we recommend the P-Shot first? In part it is because it works, but also because our patients tolerate and are safe while using this type of medication. Our primary objective at Visage Clinic Toronto is to provide you with the best possible result while minimizing the likelihood of difficulties and adverse effects. PRP is the ideal solution for this.

Because the PRP is extracted directly from your arm, there is no chance of rejection because we are not using any donor material in the procedure. We do not use any drugs or enhancers in conjunction with the PRP injection. Due to the fact that the material was just taken from your body, it is entirely risk-free to use. PRP has not been associated with any kind of adverse response or major consequence in any studies conducted.

Aside from slight swelling at the site of injection, which, as previously stated, is a desirable side effect, there are no negative effects associated with PRP. It’s simply that it works.

Make the decision to Visit Visage Clinic Toronto

Please call our experts at Visage Clinic Toronto, if you have any questions regarding our PRP treatments or if you would like to arrange a consultation to learn more about the P-Shot procedure. Our patient advocates would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and to schedule an appointment for you. Don’t let ED hold you down; instead, select PRP to help you get started on your recovery.