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What Is The Best Procedure For Age Spots In Toronto?

October 28th, 2021 Share

Age spots may deceive the eye and make your skin seem older than it is. Some face treatments may be able to help you get rid of age spots completely. Because these little, flat, black patches on your skin will not cause you any discomfort, you do not need to treat them. However, if you are unhappy with the way they appear, you may make the spots less obvious or perhaps completely vanish. You may also prevent new ones from emerging and prevent the ones that are already there from becoming darker.

Age spots form on your face and hands, which are often exposed to the sun’s rays but luckily with the help of age spot treatments, they can be treated effectively.

There are two kinds of age spot treatments available:

  • Lotions and creams
  • Non-surgical Treatments

Using these treatments, you’ll be able to properly and successfully treat these unpleasant age spots, allowing your skin to regenerate, seem more healthy and youthful. Continue reading to find out more about how age spots are created and which method is the most effective for removing and reducing the appearance of this condition.

What are Age Spots?

Age spots are flat, brown, gray, or black patches on the skin that appear as a result of the aging process. They are most often seen in sun-exposed locations. Age spots are sometimes referred to as liver spots, senile lentigo, solar lentigines, or sun spots in certain sectors.

What is the Cause of Age Spots?

Age spots are caused by an excessive synthesis of melanin, which is a kind of skin pigment. Doctors aren’t always sure what causes age spots to appear. There are many probable reasons, including skin aging, sun exposure, and other kinds of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, such as tanning beds. The parts of your skin that get the greatest sun exposure are the ones that are most prone to acquire age spots. These are the areas that include:

  • Face
  • Back of hands
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back
  • Forearms

Age spots may appear single or in groups, depending on their location. They come in a multitude of sizes ranging from 0.2 to 2.0 centimeters in diameter.

Age spots are most common in adults over the age of 40, while they may also appear in younger people who are exposed to the sun or who use tanning beds on a regular basis.

Despite the fact that these spots may appear on anyone’s skin, they are more prevalent in those who have lighter skin since it is more susceptible to the sun.

Who Should be Concerned For Age Spots?

Age spots may appear on anybody, regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity. Age spots, on the other hand, are more frequent in those who have specific risk factors. These are some examples:

  • Being over 40 years old
  • Having pale skin
  • Having pale skin
  • The usage of tanning beds

If you’ve noticed age spots on your skin as a result of one or more of these issues, it’s not too late to begin taking proper care of your skin and get the appropriate treatment. There are a variety of therapy alternatives available on the market today that may be personalized to your exact condition and severity.

Removal of Age Spots

Fortunately, today’s medical aesthetic treatments and technology mean that you don’t have to put up with age spots for the rest of your life. Laser treatments, professional facials, and medical grade skincare are just a few of the non-invasive treatments we provide at Visage Medical Spa Toronto to successfully minimize indications of sun damage in the skin. We are committed to delivering safe and efficient age spot removal treatments for people of all ages and phases of life. After a comprehensive consultation, we will be able to diagnose your specific situation and develop a brown spot treatment plan that is suited to your specific needs and lifestyle requirements. Don’t let age spots define you; instead, let us expose your most beautiful skin.

How Can I Get Rid Of Or Lessen The Appearance Of Existing Age Spots?

While it is preferable to avoid age spots in the first place, there are actions you can do to assist with fading them and prevent their re-appearance.

Age spots may be treated using a proper skin care routine.

Using products that have been scientifically and dermatologically shown to be successful in the treatment of age spots as part of a regular skincare regimen may be an effective approach. Dermo-cosmetic products may be utilized all year round due to the fact that they are non-invasive.

Non-surgical treatments for aging spots.

A dermatological treatment such as a chemical peel or laser therapy may also be enhanced by using these products.

Laser therapy may be an effective treatment for age spots when performed properly.
Chemical peels and laser therapy, among other treatments, may help to minimize the appearance of age spots.

Treatments for Age Spots Performed in Clinic

You may be able to cure age spots in the clinic more quickly than you can at home, depending on your doctor’s expertise. Here are various medical alternatives for age spots that can be performed in-clinic and are known to be effective treatments.

Laser And Strong Pulsed Light Treatment

These therapies aid in the destruction of melanin-producing cells (the cells that cause age spots to appear) while causing no damage to the skin’s surface. In most cases, you’ll need to visit your doctor two or three times to get the therapy you need in order to successfully remove age spots from the skin.

Your age spots should start to diminish a few weeks or months after you get the therapy. When it comes to laser and strong pulsed light treatment, there are rarely adverse effects. A transient darkening of the skin is the most common occurrence that people notice.

Following treatment, you must wear sunscreen and utilize other kinds of sun protection on a regular basis to protect yourself from the sun.

Freezing Temperatures (cryotherapy)

Using a cotton-tipped swab, your doctor will administer liquid nitrogen or similar freezing solution to your age spots in order to reduce the appearance of the spots. Hopefully, this can remove some of the color (pigment) from your age spots.

As your skin heals, the color of your skin will gradually become lighter. This form of therapy is generally reserved for the treatment of a single age spot or a small cluster of age spots that have appeared recently. A tiny risk of transient skin irritation, permanent scarring, or discolouration is associated with this therapy, although it is minimal.

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion Treatments

Using a fast-spinning brush, you may plan (sand down) the superficial layer of your skin during a dermabrasion appointment. This procedure eliminates the skin’s surface layer, enabling a new layer of skin to develop in its place as a result of the procedure.

It is possible that your doctor may need to execute this therapy more than once before you notice any improvements. It is also a possibility that you could have transient redness and scabbing after this therapy which is only temporary.

Microdermabrasion treatments are less harsh than dermabrasion treatments, and they may assist to make the appearance of age spots a little lighter in appearance. To notice benefits, it is necessary to have multiple in-office treatments over the course of several months.

If you have rosacea or little red veins on your face, you should be aware that microdermabrasion may exacerbate the look of these conditions.

Chemical Peels

An acid solution will be used to the skin on your face during a chemical peel, which will damage the very outer layer of your skin, down to your age spots. When the outer layer of skin peels away, new skin will emerge to take its place.

It is possible that you may need a number of treatments before you begin to notice effects. After your treatments, you will most likely suffer some temporary redness, and there is a small risk that the therapy may permanently alter the color of your skin.

Preventing the Appearance of Aging Spots

Age spots may reappear after any treatment, so it’s crucial to be aware of this possibility before proceeding. While it is impossible to completely avoid age spots, there are numerous steps you may do to lessen your chances of acquiring them:

  • Avoid being outside between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun’s rays are at their most strong.
  • Use sunscreen on a daily basis. In order to be effective, it should have a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, as well as both UVA and UVB protection.
  • Sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Reapply every two hours, or more often if you’re swimming or perspiring a great deal.
  • Wearing protective apparel, such as caps, trousers, and long-sleeved shirts, may help you avoid being hurt. These aid in the protection of your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Wearing UV-blocking clothing with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of at least 40 provides the greatest protection from the sun.

Diagnosis for Age Spots in Toronto

We’re often asked how our team of experts diagnose the condition of age spots. With a visual examination, a doctor will be able to detect the presence of age spots. In certain cases, they may make use of a dermatoscope, which is a hand-held magnification instrument used by medical specialists to inspect specific sections of skin.

There are rare instances when it might be difficult to distinguish between an age spot and melanoma, a kind of cancer that develops in cells that contain pigment.

In the event that a doctor is doubtful, he or she may request a skin biopsy. A tiny sample of the afflicted skin is taken and sent to a laboratory, where a technician will run tests to identify the sort of growth present.

When Should You Visit a Doctor for Age Spots and Sun damage?

There are several instances when sun spots may be mistaken for something else, such as malignant moles and growths. In the event that you are worried about your age spots or sun damage, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. If you have an odd or unexplained skin issue, the experience of our board-certified dermatologist may be very useful in making an accurate diagnosis.

Furthermore, since they include powerful skin resurfacing agents and need specialist equipment, all sun spot treatments must be performed under the supervision of a physician. If you wish to get this pigmentation removed, you’ll need to see a dermatologist. Don’t allow unsightly age spots that make you seem and feel years older than you really are. If you’ve observed a change in your skin and are dissatisfied with the dark spots that may be emerging, it’s time to arrange an appointment with a dermatologist.

Costs Associated with Age Spot Removal Treatments in Toronto

The cost of age spot removal varies depending on the type and number of treatments required, as well as the degree of the age spots. The cost of larger sections of skin will be higher, whilst the cost of smaller sections will be lower. Given the fact that every patient is different, the cost of your treatment may differ from others. However, with the assistance of a simple consultation, you will be able to identify what treatment plan you need and learn about the expenses associated with your tailored therapy.

How Can Visage Medical Spa in Toronto Help?

Age spots are non-painful alterations to the skin that do not cause discomfort. In rare circumstances, age spots may make it more difficult to identify skin cancer, particularly melanoma. Some individuals experience emotional anguish as a result of the emergence of age spots. With therapy, you can often get rid of or minimize them to reveal beautiful new skin.

In order to make a proper diagnosis for your condition, it’s important to consult with your healthcare practitioner or a dermatologist at Visage Medical Spa Toronto to determine the most appropriate treatment choice for your situation.