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Victoria Secret Fashion show triggers the Thigh Gap

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This new plastic surgery request surfaced, not without controversy, in December 2102, in various social media after a fashion show directed by the lingerie brand Victoria Secret.

The thigh gap is the presence of a gap between the two inner when the knees are touching each other.  That gap can be along the entire length of the thighs, or more concentrated towards the mid-to-pelvic region.

Some consider the thigh gap to be a sexy look, some others consider it a gentle and suave look, some others consider it the most feminine form the female legs can have.

Let say first that some women do have the inner thigh gap already; those ladies tend to be tall and thin.

Some other ladies achieve this thigh gap with extreme dieting and exercising, something so extreme that it is not considered healthy for the body.  Another example of those extreme behaviors are seen in patients suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, something that all plastic surgeons evaluate during their consultation process for any kind of aesthetic plastic surgery requests.

That being said, the majority of patients requesting the thigh gap have a healthy self-esteem and self-image and do consider this thigh gap look attractive.  Those are the ones who seek a procedure that will provide them with the desired look.  In those situations, it is not really different than my other patients requesting the removal of excess fat in the inner knee or saddle bag regions.

For the longest time I would aim for a straight line, from the inner groin to the inner ankle area, when performing liposuction to the legs.  So it is not uncommon to perform liposuction in the entire inner thigh, the inner knees and sometimes the inner calf area.

Plastic surgeons do have creativity and the amazing ability to change, shape and mold the body – remember my first blog on the meaning of “plastikos“;  so my leg liposuction technique, nowadays, gets modified when a healthy patient requests the thigh gap procedure.

The creation of the thigh gap is achieved with a gentle, well-planned and meticulous liposuction of the inner thighs to provide the ‘gap’ or space between the two thighs.  That gap can have a very slight concavity on either side.  I use both the suction-assisted liposuction (SAL) and the power-assisted liposuction (PAL), I apply the principles of SAFE liposuction, I use the tumescence infiltration technique and I use fine cannulas.

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Careful and meticulous planning and technique is required as to not over resect the area, which would then require fat grafting (fat transfer) or an inner thigh lift and its associated scars.

Patients who also consider this thigh gap look must take into consideration that ‘trends’ do change over times.  And very importantly, those patients should look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who is also an artist.

by Dr. Marc DuPere

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