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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine's Day gift ideas at our Toronto plastic surgery practice

How often are we faced with having to buy gifts for our loved ones when, in fact, they already have everything? Will you buy him or her flowers and chocolates again this year for Valentine’s Day?

Why not consider offering her — or him — the gift of better, smoother skin and a better complexion?

At 133 Hazelton, our new flagship location for Visage Clinic and Medical Spa in Toronto, we offer the best medical-grade skin care lines on the Canadian market; we strongly believe you would make someone extremely happy for a very long time by offering her or him the gift of skin care. Here are some suggestions for all the loved ones in your lives for this important celebration of LOVE. We also offer beautiful gift certificates.

For the Couple

Forlle’d Luxury TRAVELLING Favourite, $250

Experience all of the luxury of Forlle’d with this 2-week supply of some of the best products that this award-wining Japanese line has to offer! Ideal for travelling and sampling, this gift set contains the very best skin care in a bento box of skin care luxury.

For Her

Visage Brazilian Glow Treatment, $175 each or 30% off in a package of 3

This signature treatment is a refreshing, revitalizing taste of the tropics combining the effectiveness of papain (papaya enzyme) and bromelain enzymes. This Brazilian beauty will gently remove dulling build-up to reveal your smoothest, most hydrated complexion — a must for anyone in search of that Brazilian bombshell glow.

LATISSE® 5 ml, $200

This eyebrow enhancer is hypoallergenic and prescription-strength. Only sold in clinics and available with a quick consultation, a 5-milliliter size of LATISSE should last 2 to 3 months. She will never look at you the same! Also good for him.

Forlle’d Hyalogy Platinum Eye Cream, $270

This to-die-for eye cream is loaded with platinum powder, pearl protein, and hydrolyzed collagen, to name just a few of its power-packed ingredients. Experience true luxury with this unstoppable night cream that delivers real results.

Forlle’d P-Effect Essence, $430

This highly effective professional serum provides powerful hydrating properties and behaves as a “multivitamin” for the skin. The low-molecularized hyaluronic acid means that this skin-changing essence penetrates deep into the skin instead of sitting on top and being washed away at the end of the day. It’s ideal on especially delicate skin around the eyes and beautiful when applied to the lips and lip area for an intense moisture boost.

For Him

Forlle’d Radiance Facial, $125

A relaxing facial for the stressed-out man in your life — treat him to this 45-minute treatment using our favorite Japanese line. Ideal for sensitive and razor-bitten skin, this treatment smoothes and deeply hydrates winter-ravaged skin.

Forlle’d Hyaology Lotion for Men, $140

This effective lotion with a masculine edge to it both moisturizes as well as complements any grooming regimen. This recommended post-shave lotion also reduces inflammation from ingrown hairs and razor-burn. It can be used day and night to strengthen skin.

Visage Illuminate Skyline Peel, $200 each or 30% off in a package of 3

This is the ultimate illuminating treatment, combining all the power of enzymes with an effective Mandelic peel to reveal your most even-toned, luminous skin. Sun spots and hyperpigmentation are reduced in this luxury-meets-results signature Visage peel.

Visage Nano MicroLaser Peel, $400 each or 30% off in a package of 3

This light and effective laser treatment will transform the texture of skin, removing superficial damage. Pores are improved and surface hyperpigmentation is lifted to exhilarate and reawaken your skin while improving tone and texture. Plus there’s minimal downtime, like you just came from hot yoga.

And don’t forget — there are always BOTOX COSMETIC® and fillers!

On my end, I cannot NOT get chocolates for Valentine’s Day, yet I am skipping the flowers and getting some “beauty creams” for my loved one. What will you choose?

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