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Blog / Cosmetic Surgery / Top Choice Awards goes to VISAGE, 7 years in a Row!...

Top Choice Awards goes to VISAGE, 7 years in a Row!

January 11th, 2019 Share

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré Receives the TOP CHOICE AWARD for BEST PLASTIC SURGERY in Toronto

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Among Top Influencers in Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Medicine

Toronto, Canada – January 9th, 2019 – Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré and his team at VISAGE Clinic, were voted by Torontonians TOP Plastic Surgery Clinic for a 7th year in a row for their excellence in delivering high-quality services.

Top Choice Awards collects and reviews the opinions of thousands of customers annually. The results of those studies are used by companies to improve customer satisfaction and business development while our social promotion system gives customers the power to enjoy awesome experiences by making educated purchase choices. Our trusted directory of Top Choice Award winners are used daily in over 30 cities across North America and Europe.

“This awards reaffirms VISAGE Clinic’s commitment to the highest standard of care, quality of services and impeccable environment” says Dr. DuPéré. “Our 7500 sq-feet Beauty Embassy has been designed to bring the utmost experience to our customers”.

With his new flagship Yorkville address – plastic surgery centre, laser and MedSpa, VISAGE Clinic delivers TOP services in a distinguished environment on the tree-lined Hazelton Avenue, in Yorkville.

Toronto Plastic, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré

Toronto Plastic, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré

Born along the beautiful rugged and scenic Saguenay River, Northern Québec, Canada, Dr. Marc DuPéré was trained in Montréal at the prestigious McGill University, Faculty of Medicine, and at the University of Toronto, where he completed his Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In 2002, Dr DuPéré pursued further training in cosmetic plastic surgery in Paris, France, and learned with internationally recognized facial and breast plastic surgeons such as: Dr. Daniel Marchac, Dr. Gilbert Aiach, Dr. Natalie Bricout and Dr. Sylvain Pétouin. Dr. DuPéré also counts as mentors Facelift Surgeon Dr. Bruce Connell, in Los Angeles, and Dr. Patricia Wexler, dermatologist in New York City. Dr DuPéré won the prized McGill University’s Wood Gold Medal, the U of T’s F. M. Woolhouse Clinical Research Award, A.W. Harrison Resident Teaching Award and the Best Clinical Paper Award. Dr DuPéré also wrote a book chapter entitled “Previous family experience and decision making in congenital hand surgery”.

Dr. DuPéré’s surgical interests include facial and nasal surgery, body contouring, post-weight loss procedures and body & facial implants. Dr. DuPéré is one of only a few North American surgeons performing calf, buttock, hip, thigh, chin, pectoral, chin, cheek, temple and jaw angle implantations, along with the Brazilian Butt Lift, which he learned in Brazil. Hair Restorations are also important components of his practice. Facial injections for men and women are a significant component of his practice; he developed an expertise in 3-dimensional facial volume restoration and rejuvenation, all with little to no downtime. He has mastered the art of cannula technique. At his two VISAGE clinics, he is the sole injector for all his patients. Dr. DuPéré also counts approximately 21-22% of his patients are male and has developed an interesting approach to males and facial injectables. Dr. DuPéré belongs to multiple Societies including the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, French Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society (SOFCEP) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré and his team at Visage Clinic are proud winners of the TOP CHOICE AWARD for Toronto Plastic Surgery, for the 7th year in a row!

Visage Clinic team and Toronto Plastic, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré

“My team has been instrumental in accumulating awards after awards” says Dr. DuPéré proudly.

Dr. Marc DuPéré, CEO and Medical director of the VISAGE Clinics and VISAGE Medical Spa, is also an expert contributor to RealSelf and has been awarded recently the TOP 100-500 of its group of doctors, and to date has posted over six hundreds of answers to questions on RealSelf. Dr DuPéré also maintains the outstanding patient star rating of 4.7 stars out of five stars in RealSelf reviews. For more information on Dr. Marc DuPéré, please visit VISAGE Clinic.