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The Secret To Getting The Best Recovery From Your Breast Augmentation In Toronto

October 8th, 2022 Share

The outcomes of breast augmentation surgery can be life-changing for a lot of people; they can make you feel more confident, more self-assured, and more comfortable with your own body for years after the procedure has been done.

Breast augmentation is a specialty performed by the highly skilled plastic surgeon Dr. DuPéré, at Visage Clinic in Toronto. Breast augmentation is known for its immense benefits that can increase the size of your breasts, improve the shape of your breasts, or increase the volume of your breasts. But one thing is certain: you want your breast surgery to go as smoothly as possible, and you also want your recovery to go as quickly as possible after the procedure. The following are some suggestions and secrets provided by our team to hasten your recovery after undergoing breast augmentation.

The First Step: Preparing Your Home For Recovery

Preparing Your Space

Prepare your space for healing and stock it with everything you’ll need to be successful. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom or the couch in the living room; in order to recover from surgery, you will need to create a comfortable space for yourself. While some of us find comfort in the gloom and seclusion of a dark and silent bedroom, others of us are unable to unwind unless we are in the hub of the house and engaged in conversation with members of our families. Establishing this place early on and getting it ready is important regardless of where you choose to recover.

What kind of preparations do you make for your area? Make sure you have enough of the following:

  • Additional pillows to elevate yourself in a comfortable manner.
  • Extra blankets.
  • Bedside and couch side tables that are conveniently placed at a waist-level height for easy access.
  • For those looking for fixed forms of entertainment, make sure to have books, magazines, DVDs, Kindles, and Audible downloads.
  • Easy access should be provided to both the nutritious snacks and the water bottles.
  • It is important that you have easy access to a system that will help you organize and keep track of the various prescriptions that you have been prescribed.
  • To help you feel more presentable while you wait to shower, bring along some extra tissues and baby wipes.
  • Your laptop, cellular phone, and any necessary charging cables should be within easy reach.

Get Extra Help From Friends And Family

The healing process for breast augmentation is not particularly challenging; nonetheless, you will have just undergone significant surgery. As a result, you are going to experience some soreness and fatigue for the first few days. You should refrain from doing any heavy lifting for the next six weeks; this includes carrying up children weighing less than 20 pounds. In addition, you must refrain from driving until the effects of all of your pain medications have worn off. For the first twenty-four to seventy-two hours, it is strongly suggested that you make arrangements for assistance with home duties and with the children. It would be beneficial even if a friend or family member came by every day to check on you and see how you were doing.

Get All Of Your Prescriptions Filled

It is normal to feel some discomfort, ranging from mild to moderate, in the hours and days immediately following a breast augmentation treatment. There is a possibility that some women will experience a pressing and tightening sensation across their chest. Your pain medication will be prescribed for a few days by your doctor to assist you in getting through the initial stages of recovery in as much comfort as possible. On the other hand, many women discover that after the first post-op day, they require nothing more than over-the-counter pain pills to get through the rest of the recovery process. Before the day of your breast augmentation, make sure to fill any prescriptions that your surgeon has given you. This will ensure that you have access to any pain relievers or anti-nausea medications that you might require after the procedure.

Keep Your House Well-Stocked With Fresh Air, Nutritious Food, And Water

Make sure you have enough water and food that is simple to prepare stocked in your kitchen before going to the medical center for your breast augmentation. Because you could feel queasy from the anesthesia or not have much of an appetite on the first day after surgery, it’s best to stick to foods that are easy to digest and not too heavy. Be sure to stock up on a wide range of nutritious foods so that your body has the fuel and support it needs to recover over the course of the following week. During this time period, it is simple to become dehydrated, thus it is important to consume water, water, and even more water.

After Your Surgery: Preparing Yourself For Recovery

Move Your Body But Don’t Over Do-It

It is imperative that you get up and move around following surgery, despite the fact that doing so may feel like the last thing you want to do but moving around can help minimize edema after surgery. People who lie in bed after surgery and are sedentary for an extended period of time may endure increased discomfort and edema, as well as a delay in their recovery. Initially, going for a few short walks around the house or the neighborhood will be sufficient to meet your needs. Take it slowly and make sure to follow all of the post-care advice regarding movement limitations as well. Remember to take it slow.

Don’t Wear An Underwire Bra

After surgery, you should wait at least six weeks before wearing a bra with underwire.

Underwire bras can irritate your skin and cause your incisions to become inflamed, in addition to being uncomfortable against swollen and sore breasts. Your pain may be made worse by the friction caused by the wire as it runs along your sutures, which may also slow down your recovery.

As your body heals, you should switch to bras that provide less support, such as sports bras, or bras that are pleasant against your skin and do not have any pressure points caused by wires. Before going back to underwire bras, it is best if you can wait until your wounds have completely healed, which could take up to 10 weeks after surgery.

Don’t Get Your Incisions Wet

It is important to wait until your wounds have completely healed before immersing your fresh incisions in water, regardless of whether it is in a bath or a pool. The germs that cause infection can be introduced into your newly sutured skin by the water from a bath or pool. This increases the risk of infection, which in turn increases the risk of complications and slows down the healing process. Following this secret will ensure that you avoid any complications.

Refrain From Drinking Alcohol And Smoking

In the same way that you were cautioned against drinking alcohol or smoking in the lead up to your breast augmentation surgery so that your body would be in its best possible condition to receive anesthesia, it is in your best interest to continue to avoid these vices until you have fully recovered from the procedure.

When you smoke, the oxygen-rich blood in your body is prevented from reaching the incisions where it is needed to assist healing. Drinking alcohol can cause your body to become dehydrated and also raises your risk of bruising, infections, and drug interactions.

Always Sleep On Your Back

It is recommended that patients sleep on their backs after breast augmentation surgery, particularly if they have undergone implant surgery to increase the size of their breasts. It is possible that sleeping on your stomach or side will cause your implants to move around or sag. Additionally, sleeping in these positions right after surgery is not very comfortable because your breasts and nipples may be very painful.

Another benefit of sleeping on your back is that it prevents any discomfort to your incisions, which can slow the healing process if it occurs.

Exercises That Are Difficult For The Upper Body And Heavy Lifting Should Be Avoided

After breast augmentation surgery, you should refrain from taking up anything that weighs more than 20 pounds, including children, for the first six weeks. You put yourself at a greater risk of bleeding and the creation of hematomas, which are blood vessels that leak into the surrounding breast tissue, when you engage in vigorous activities that involve your upper body, such as heavy lifting. Maintaining a blood pressure that is lower than 100 also helps your body recuperate following surgery in a more expedient manner.

Learn More About The Recovery Tips Following A Breast Augmentation In Toronto

In order to guarantee that you have the most positive experience possible, the team at Visage Clinic in Toronto will offer you all of the detailed instructions both before and after your procedure. Planning ahead to take extra care of yourself following breast augmentation surgery, such as eating properly, drinking lots of water, and getting enough rest, goes a long way toward ensuring a smooth healing process.

Call the Visage Clinic in Toronto or make an appointment for a consultation on the website if you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation surgery.