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The inevitable CELLULITE can now be treated!

August 30th, 2018 Share

Tired of those unsightly bumps called cellulite?  You are not alone; this phenomenon affects many of us these days whether you’re heavy or thin. Woman are more likely to develop cellulite than men, it is sometimes hereditary and can affect the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees and back the arms. Other factors that can contribute to the development of cellulite are poor dieting, fad dieting, lack of exercise and physical activity, slow metabolism, hormone changes, total body fat and dehydration.  Cellulite is an inflammation and accumulation of excess fat cells in the hypodermis also known as subcutaneous tissue. This shows up on the skin surface as dimpled skin, shapely depressions and lumps often referred as peau d’orange in French or “orange peel” and/or cottage cheese skin. There are different degrees and types of cellulite.

Here is a description of the 4 degrees of cellulite and how to identify them:

  • 0 Degree- no visible cellulite, even when skin is pinched. Skin appears smooth.
  • 1st Degree- no visible cellulite while the affected person is standing or sitting, dimpling of the skin occurs when skin is pinched.
  • 2nd Degree- visible skin dimpling when the affected person is standing up and disappears when lying down.
  • 3rd Degree- visible skin dimpling when the affected person is sitting, standing or laying down.

Different Types of Cellulite

The three different types of cellulite are:

1. Adipose cellulite (Lipodystrophy) – This cellulite is caused by an overload of fat cells known as hard cellulite.

2. Aqueous cellulite (Hydrolipodystrophy) – This second type of cellulite is caused by an excess of water retention known as soft cellulite.

3. Fibrous cellulite (Fibrolipodystrophy) – This last type of cellulite is caused by fibrosis, a compression of the collagen fibers causing puckering, this is known as hard compact cellulite, this type can be painful.

Treatment Options

At Visage clinic, we have a variety of treatments to address the different types and degrees of cellulite.

We combine laser treatments with radio frequency heat, lymphatic massages and body slimming treatments in combination with medical grade body creams and lotions for daily home care.

Here are a few favorites:

At the clinic: Tru-Sculpt 3D

This treatment delivers radiofrequency heat deep into the tissues to cause apoptosis or cell death. This treatment also improves the tone of the skin by stimulating the skins collagen and elastin fibers. This treatment is great for addressing all degrees of cellulite. Trusculpt 3D is also an excellent treatment for non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening.

At the clinic: “Soin Booster Minceur” Slimming Booster Treatment

– Dr. DuPéré calls it the “Chrysalis Treatment”, referring to the cocoon-like wrapping of the caterpillar before it emerges as a beautiful butterfly!

During this luxurious slimming treatment, you are wrapped in a special body heated blanket – Visage is the first in Canada to offer it! – to prepare the skin for the absorption of active ingredients – all from BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE, Paris – that will help to visibly improve the appearance of cellulite and pits, reducing the orange peel effect while the massaging techniques will aid the activation of the body’s circulation and drainage, resulting in smoother, firmer and more toned skin.

Biologique Recherche and skin care in Toronto, ON.

Biologique Recherche, Toronto Visage Clinic, Plastic Surgery Dr. Marc DuPere, Yorkville

At home: Lotion P50 Corps by Biologique Recherche

This body lotion is rich in botanical active ingredients with abundant healing properties and will stimulate the skin’s natural exfoliation process while accelerating cell growth, used all over the body for smoother, softer and more youthful skin.

At home: Lipogen AC(anti-cellulite) by Biologique Recherche

This multipurpose light weight body oil rich in concentrated active ingredients is designed to address areas with localized excess fat and help reduce the orange peel effect, while activating the bodies microcirculation and drainage of toxic waste.  Used daily the skin regains its firmness and smoothness.

At the Clinic with Dr DuPéré – SUBCISION of the cellulite fibrous bands

One of the harder and more compact cellulite is the fibrous type.  Subcision is a minor surgical technique when Dr DuPéré will sever and cut those superficial band with a subcision knife, of which we have several types at the clinic.  It is done under local anesthesia and works best on the larger “cellulitic lakes”.  That being said, it is very commonly added when having another plastic surgery procedure done under general anesthesia such as a tummy tuck, breast surgery or Brazilian butt lift.

This subcision technique was popularized several years ago by Brazilian doctors.  Once released, a bruise is welcomed as it will lead to some extra collagen-making to fill up the little dead space left after the release of the band.  With the same goal in mind, some dermal fillers hyaluronic acid is also often added to fill up the interspace once released and to prevent further adhesions and bands to reform with healing.  Cellfina, a somewhat complex version of this simple technique, is a small, self-contained and protected needle-knife system with suction, that was recently launched on the market for technicians with less dexterity than a surgeon to perform safely the subcision of the bands.  Cellfina is a good tool but requires much more time to perform than subcision done by the plastic surgeon.

If you have any additional concerns about reducing cellulite that you would like to discuss with me or are ready to schedule your consultation, contact us today.

Gabriela Madrid & Dr Marc DuPéré