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The C-Tuck: Is it a Thing?

August 30th, 2019 Share

A rising topic around the subject of the tummy tuck here in Toronto is the c-tuck, a procedure in which a surgeon tightens skin on the abdomen at the end of a c-section delivery. While this procedure seems convenient, there are several reasons why the scenario is not ideal nor recommended or approved in Canada.

What is a c-tuck?

A c-tuck is a modified version of a tummy tuck performed at the end of a c-section. Its goal is the same as a traditional tummy tuck: to tighten loose, stretched skin and create a flat, toned abdomen. The driving concept behind the trend is the convenience of having skin tightening done while you’re already in the middle of a midsection surgery, therefore cutting down on recovery time.

The procedure may be performed by an obstetrician, or, in some cases, a plastic surgeon who is brought in for the procedure.

Why is it a bad idea?

Disappointing results

Because your abdomen is still swollen from pregnancy and delivery at the time of the procedure, you won’t achieve the optimal amount of skin tightening. You will still have some loose, sagging skin once your swelling subsides.

The muscles cannot be adequately repaired just after a c-section, so you lose the opportunity for a strong and optimal muscle tightening. The bellybutton will also not be repaired adequately with all the swelling present.

Additionally, an obstetrician is not as qualified as a plastic surgeon to perform any type of tummy tuck.

Higher risk of complications

You’re not an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck immediately after delivery because your uterus will be swollen and your body will be undergoing many hormonal changes. You may be more likely to develop clots or infections as the c-tuck lengthens your procedure and your recovery, prolonging the bed rest period.

Rough recovery period

Your body will physically have a hard time recovering from both a tummy tuck and a c-section simultaneously. With the added discomfort, pain medication, and reduced mobility, you will not be able to enjoy the very important first few days of being a mother, including breastfeeding and holding your baby. Learn more about what tummy tuck recovery entails in our previous blog post.

How soon can you get a tummy tuck after a c-section?

Once you’ve finished breastfeeding and your weight has stabilized, you will be able to safely pursue a tummy tuck. An approximate average timeline would be 3 to 6 months after delivery.

Opting for a separate procedure will also allow you to combine your tummy tuck with breast enhancement, labiaplasty and/or vaginoplasty and enjoy the benefits of a full mommy makeover. It’s best to wait to take this step until you’re finished having children to make sure your results will last as long as possible.

VISAGE Clinic has an accredited overnight recovery centre where you’ll stay after your procedure and where our 2 plastic surgery nurses can take care of you. They will manage your discomfort, your drains when used, your dressing changes, and your ambulation. This allows me to see you on postoperative day 1 to assure all is healing well. We also have a private back door and private elevator through which our nurses will take you to your car in our underground private parking, away from the public eye, for maximal privacy.

To see examples of the results you can expect, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

Ready to learn more about your tummy tuck options here at our plastic surgery practice in Toronto? Please contact us online or call (416) 929-9800.