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The Art of Breast Augmentation in Toronto

February 28th, 2014 Share

How many times have we seen over-sized breasts on TV, at the gym or on the beach?  Many.  But I will argue here that too-small of an implant on a larger frame is also wrong.

There is an art in breast augmentation in my Toronto plastic surgery practice at the Visage Clinics.

Art of Listening

The first ‘art’ is the very important Art of Listening – and often the hardest for surgeons. It is crucial for the surgeon to listen carefully to the lady seeking breast augmentation. It is important to understand the look the patient wants, to assess her personality (shy versus outgoing), the work she does, her history (and potential future) of child-bearing, the reasons why she is seeking breast implant surgery, etc. Not listening carefully to our patients may lead to unhappy customers.

Art of Technique

The next one is the Art of Technique.  There is a meticulous surgical technique involved in breast augmentation with implants. Many decisions need to be taken into consideration, such as location of the implants (under the muscle, under the gland or under the muscle fascia), the incision (peri-areolar, inframammary fold [IMF], or underarm), the need for a breast lift (or mastopexy) or not, the type of breast implants (round, anatomical, smooth, textured, very soft versus form-stable, etc.), and, very importantly, the size.

Art of Sizing

Now an important word on the Art of Sizing the right breast implants. We no longer aim for a specific amount of cc’s, but we aim for a natural-looking result for most patients.  When I meet a new patient who is seeking breast augmentation in Toronto, I take very careful and meticulous measurements: nipple distance, level of IMF, the distance between nipple and IMF, width and height of the breast itself, and the amount of soft tissue that will cover the implants.  Those are crucial.  The pearl in choosing the right breast implants is to respect the patient’s anatomy.  Choosing a breast implant that fits in the normal width of the patient’s breast will assure a natural-looking result.  Then, we can choose various projections from very low to very high profile depending on the patient’s wishes to be on the smaller versus larger size for a natural-looking result. 

So a breast implant that would be much larger than the natural width of the breast may look somewhat pornographic.  To the contrary, a very small implant in a large breast would either disappear or look like a very small pointy ball in the middle of the breast.  Both are less desirable if one is looking for a natural-looking result.

Now, there are cases when larger breast implants are contemplated and it is for the surgeon and the patient to discuss the pros and cons of such a breast augmentation.

Art of Harmony

Finally, the Art of Harmony.  That is when the artistic and aesthetic quality of your plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc DuPéré, comes into the whole picture.  Your body proportions and your cultural background are important.  For example, Brazilian and Caribbean women – and the men who love them – love their curves; Breasts, buttocks, and hips are highly praised. Most European and Asian ladies like their curves on the smaller size.  In some pockets in the USA (such as Florida or Texas), very thin women like their breasts oversized and consider them ‘natural results.’  Canadian women tend to favour moderation.

Creating Confidence

In conclusion, I want to emphasize the many good reasons why Toronto and Canadian women choose to have a breast augmentation procedure in Toronto with plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré.

Many ladies want to return to their ‘old self’ – the pre-baby self.

Many ladies want to feel beautiful, feminine, and sexy again.  Curves can definitively make a woman feel feminine and attractive, and every single woman has the right to feel beautiful.

Confidence is beautiful. A confident woman can walk with her head tall knowing she looks great.

After having her breasts restored to their original size with a breast augmentation and implants, a lady can now wear what she wants; No more worries about not fitting the strapless dresses or the bikinis and no more worries about adding and adjusting pads.

It’s never too soon – nor too late! – to do something for yourself and for the way you feel about your body, today.

Yes, confidence is beautiful.

By Dr. Marc DuPéré