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Taking care of our skin during covid19 and Social Distancing

April 7th, 2020 Share

Taking care of our skin during covid19 and Social Distancing

Our skin is the largest organ of elimination; it reflects the health of our body systems, therefore it is essential that we take care of our body by maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our skin is the mirror to our individual combination of lifestyle choices, environment, DNA, stress, diet, exercise as well as the products we apply on our skin; consequently, our skin care treatments and daily skin care regimens have to be customized based on our unique cases, as what works well for one person will not work the same for another. For this reason, I always recommend that you first consult with a skin care specialist prior to starting any new skin care regimen and/or treatment program. As a Medical Aesthetician, I combine my expertise with our Biologique Recherche (BR) skin analysis lab to give our clients the most accurate skin care prescription that we offer at the clinic.

As we are asked to social distance at this time, we, at VISAGE Clinic, Skin Lab, Lasers and MedSpa, are providing virtual consultations (Facetime, Skype, etc. – call us 416-929-9800 or contact us HERE) as our way to help keep you on a healthy skin journey and to support you by offering you important tips and techniques that you can use at home. During the covid19 pandemic, we will work hard to provide you the best skin care options available on the market and keep you on a healthy skin care plan while working together to get through this!    And yes, we do ship products to your home.

If you already have started your quest to healthy skin, this is a reminder to stay the course, do not stop your routine now just because you will be spending all your time at home; instead, take advantage of this time to give your skin some much needed TLC by trying an at-home facial treatment while taking some quiet time.  Also, I recommend taking this opportunity to learn to meditate. I suggest you dim your lights, light some candles and relax for at least 20 minutes, to allow your facial creams, serums and/or a gentle mask to penetrate and rejuvenate your dermis and epidermis; this will not only help your spirits but it will give your skin a much-needed boost!

Why not make it a family activity once a week by teaching your husband/partner/wife and even the kids about how important taking care of your skin is!

We are all experiencing some form of stress with all the current uncertainties, constant worrying and thinking about it will not help us at all.  Excessive worrying will actually create further stress and will cause our cortisol hormone to spike which can lead to unwanted skin reactions; and if you are already acne-prone, this will exacerbate acne and can lead to new breakouts, inflammation and potential unwanted pigmentary changes.

If you need guidance on how to best keep the health of your skin during these challenging times, contact us and we will book your virtual complimentary consultation with me; we can discuss your current home care routine, we can see what is working for you and where you can make some changes to better address your own specific concerns.

Stay healthy and stay safe everyone!

Gabriela Madrid, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Visage Clinic, Skin Lab, Laser and MedSpa