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Why Summer 2015 Will Be So Special for Visage Clinic

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Everyone who knows me will know that I am a man of all seasons. Yet, summer is without a doubt one of my favourites. People who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are well aware of my passionate gardening and cooking activities.

Although I love flowers and my tulips are gorgeous this year, my heart goes first to unique trunks and interesting leaves or needles. Yes, I do like my fine BOTOX® needles at my plastic surgery practice in Toronto, but I equally love trees with needles! Every year, I add different species to my country home — The Farm — and I make sure I will see them during all seasons.

I also grow raspberries and grapes and about every single veggie that one can find and grow. Of all vegetables, tomatoes are my utmost favourite, with well over 100 heirloom plants … enough for making great tomato sauce in the fall. I start all my veggies from seeds, and I favour the heirloom and rare seed varieties. I also use only organic methods. To see a single dry seed becoming a plant then becoming a fruit-giver is truly a miracle of Mother Nature, which I enjoy every single day I am in my gardens.

Gardening without the many birds that come during spring and summer would undoubtedly not be as enjoyable. Every year, I witness the courtship of robins, cardinals, eastern bluebirds, various wood-peckers including the chicken-size pileated woodpecker, blue jays, hummingbirds, yellow and blue finches, wild turkeys, hawks, and owls.

I truly love it when the gardens are waking and the birds start singing.

This summer 2015 is even more special to me. One of my dearest dreams will come true in a few weeks when my top-of-the-line plastic surgical and clinical facilities open on the prestigious Hazelton Avenue in Yorkville, Toronto.

This project started on paper 3 years ago, then with a handful of soil 2 years ago, the groundwork was laid. Now the office will finally open later this summer with all the fanfare of an exquisite boutique-style luxury “home” for all beauty services. And do not worry — this sophisticated “destination” will carry the down-to-earth approach that I have always offered to my clients and for which I carefully pick my dynamic team. You will always find smiles when entering Visage Clinic, along with comprehensive and well-crafted treatments.

So you now know how excited we all are at the clinic in getting ready for the great move and why I will love this particular summer! We can’t wait to have you visit us at the new Visage Clinic on Hazelton.

Until then, I would love to hear what you love about summer, and sharing could give you a chance to win a $300 gift card to use at Visage. Simply click here to share your summer story and enter our #SummerLove contest.


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