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Stretched earlobes – not in the boardroom!

February 8th, 2014 Share

The most common type of stretched earlobe is from piercing and heavy or dangling earrings;  this is easily corrected surgically by Toronto plastic surgeon   Dr. Marc DuPéré.

But I want to talk today about stretched or gauged earlobes from spacers; those are supposed to be a statement of who you are.  You are an individual, you want to be different than the next guy or girl.   A tattoo, a piercing or gauging shows that you walk your own path that is not to be limited by the conservative ideas of the adult world.  That is great!  You are wonderful!  And at Visage Clinic, we do respect this self-expression.  But…

But a few years pass. Your lifestyle has now changed.   Undergrad, grad school, you have an MBA, MD, CA or JD.  Your attitude has changed and you want to be main stream.   You want to be taken seriously as a professional.  The discs or spacers in your ears do not fit the boardroom image, nor do they open the door.  Taking the disc or spacer out does not work either.  The skin on the earlobe will shrink a little, but what is left is long, hanging and with a big hole.  Not a pretty picture.  What do you do?

You go see an ear expert – someone specializing in otoplasty (ear surgery) – you seek Board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré.

Repairing a stretched or gauged earlobe is performed under local anaesthetic, in office, and typically takes 20-30 minutes per earlobe.  Dr. Marc DuPéré, Toronto Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, uses his own unique technique for oversized and stretched earlobe that results in a naturally sized earlobe.  The procedure involves removing the excess hanging tissue, freshening up the skin edges and using fine internal and external stitches to create a normally-shaped earlobe.

After your earlobe repair surgery, there will be small scars on the ears which will be at first be pink, but will slowly fade to a skin tone.  This can be covered with a little make- up.   After 4-6 months, the earlobe should look as close to normal as it can be – Boardroom-friendly!

A word to the wise young adult: Never follow trends when it comes to permanent body art until you thought about it carefully.

Visage Clinic team