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Sexy Calves for Guys and Girls

May 30th, 2016 Share

Body implants for both males and females is one of my specialties, and it has been for the last 12 years. Only a few plastic surgeons perform those procedures in Toronto (and, for that matter, in North America). I perform calf augmentation, pectoral augmentation, breast augmentation, hip augmentation, buttock augmentation with implants and fat grafting — aka Brazilian Butt Lift —, and also abdominal etching.

Requests for calf augmentation have been increasing over the years. They come from both guys and girlsI would say 60% from males and 40% from females. I have performed over 300 calf augmentations over the last 12 years here in Toronto, so I have developed a vast expertise in this procedure and I must say, it is a cosmetic surgery procedure I quite enjoy performing.

Guys commonly ask for the muscular look, whereas girls are divided: Some ask for the muscular look, while others want something gentler with continuous augmentation to match their thighs. Many ladies complain of being self-conscious when wearing high-heel shoes due to skinny unbalanced lower legs.

What are Calf Implants Made From?

A calf implant is made of solid yet soft silicone material, gummy-bear type; they are not made of gel, so there is no possibility of leakage. The implants are inserted via a single incision within the crease behind the knees, which makes the scar easily camouflaged once it has healed. The implant is placed under the fascia of the original calf muscle (gastrocnemius), blunting all edges of the implant so it looks smooth and natural. Careful measurements are taken prior to ordering the implants, so we can choose the right implant for you. Most patients are very happy with a single implant per calf.

That being said, bodybuilders, those requiring/aspiring to a very strong muscular look, and those patients with previous asymmetries or slight deformities (such as club feet, poliomyelitis, etc.) often get 2 implants per leg, for a total of 4 implants. Normally, the outer gastrocnemius muscle is smaller than the inner one, so I often order the largest implant available for the inner side and the next one down in size for the outer one.

As mentioned, I’ve also worked with calf asymmetry due to previous surgery, polyomyelitis, and club foot anomalies. Most of the time, prefabricated implants can be used; rarely, custom-made implants are required, as I do for pectus excavatum. The incision is placed right into your own crease, behind the knee. The scar is somewhat longer when adding 2 implants per leg.

How Long Does Recovery from Calf Implant Surgery Take?

Recovery is longer when adding 2 implants per leg. Patients do experience the normal post-surgical pain and tenderness for 3 to 5 days, and crutches are very helpful for the first week or so. Afterwards, it will be tender when walking for about 2 weeks. Patients usually return to a non-physical work environment approximately 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.  Plan on returning to normal physical activity and the gym 2 to 3 months after the procedure to avoid complications.

How Much Does Calf Implant Surgery Cost?

Cost varies depending on choosing 2 versus 4 implants for the calf augmentation. We do offer financing via a third party for Canadian citizens.

Because this is an ultra-specialized procedure, of which I am the leader in Canada, patients fly from all over to have calf augmentation in Toronto. We offer consultation via Skype for the far-away patients. We commonly keep those patients overnight in our surgical center and help them find accommodations while in Toronto.

As far as scheduling surgery is concerned, we can normally accommodate patients within 3 to 8 weeks following a consultation, assuming we have received the implants. We have our own accredited surgical centre at the downtown Toronto location, with board-certified anesthesiologists.

I feel privileged to help men and women achieve their perfect legs here in Toronto, Canada.