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Body / Hip Augmentation

Hip Augmentation

With our society's current focus on being thin, only three body areas remain where fullness and roundness are commonly regarded as attractive and sexy: the breasts, buttocks and hips.

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How Can Hip Augmentation Help?

Hip and thigh augmentation with implants in Toronto can add sensual curves to the lower body for those who don’t have them naturally. Dr. Marc DuPéré has specialized in these procedures since the mid-2000s, and is one of only a few North American plastic surgeons who offer them.

The ideal female form has always included a certain amount of hip curvature, creating a sexy, feminine contour. Certain cultures have traditionally valued a voluptuous lower body more than others, but the desire for fuller hips has now reached all cultures. Hip and thigh augmentation can benefit:

  • Women whose hips are naturally masculine, muscular or square
  • Women with a prominent depression between the outer buttock area and the outermost bony frame
  • Transgender patients who desire a more feminine figure

Dr. DuPéré can accentuate your curves with hip and thigh augmentation. Request a consultation or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

Dr. DuPéré’s Hip Augmentation Techniques

Dr. DuPéré uses American-made (AART) and Brazilian-made (Silimed) carving block products. Patients should wear cycling shorts to try on the various samples at their consultation. Hip implants are made of solid yet soft silicone material, so there is no possibility of rupture or leakage.

The implants are inserted beneath the soft tissue fascia through a 3- to 4-inch incision made just above the hip bone. Once healed, the scar is easily hidden under clothing.

Hip augmentation normally takes place under general anesthesia. The procedure takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

For patients who require liposuction, Dr. DuPéré may use the harvested fat to complement hip implants with fat grafting.

Recovering from Hip Augmentation

Most patients having only a hip augmentation procedure can go home the same day. If needed, we can arrange a supervised overnight stay.

Dr. DuPéré often leaves 2 drains in place for 5 to 7 days and removes stitches after a week. Showering can resume shortly after the drains are removed. Patients must wear a compression garment for 4 weeks.

  • You will not be able to lie on either side for 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Standing is allowed, however, as is lying on your back or stomach.

  • Short, gentle walks will promote healing. Patients should avoid exercise for 12 weeks, and most can resume desk work within 10 to 14 days.

Risks and Complications

Every surgery comes with potential risks. Though serious complications are rare, Dr. DuPéré educates all hip augmentation patients about risks such as: scarring, opening of the wound, implant exposure, discomfort for 1 to 4 weeks, bleeding and bruising around the surgical sites, loss of sensation over the surgical site and around the scar, palpable and/or visible implant edges, asymmetry, fluid accumulation (seroma and hematomas), infection (extremely rare), nerve and vessel injury (a risk with any surgery), skin necrosis (possibly treatable with wound care), implant migration, capsular contracture and general anesthesia-related issues.