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Q&A: What is a buttock implant made of?

November 23rd, 2014 Share

Buttock implants come in various shapes and sizes (commonly, the tear-drop and the round shapes). You and I will pick the size and shape, guided by your buttock anatomy, your gender, your body proportions and your preferences.  A buttock implant, like the pectoral, hip and calf implants, is made of solid yet very soft silicone ‘sponge-like’ material, analogous to a very soft gummy-bear candy.  It does not contain gel; therefore there is no possibility of rupture or leakage.  You will still be able to – and should – exercise after the recovery period.

The demands for buttock augmentation with implants in Toronto has steadily been increasing over 10 years and I have become a leader in body implants procedures, procedures which I quite enjoy performing!

by Dr. Marc DuPere