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Pretty Woman & Handsome Man

November 23rd, 2014 Share

How do we become pretty?   Is it all about having perfect features?  In truth, partially yes, but when I meet a person, one of the first thing I notice is skin.

Often when I drive, when stopped at a light, I like to watch the people on the street and I notice skin.   Not long ago, there was a pretty looking young lady sitting waiting.  From my car and across the sidewalk to where she was sitting, I could see how pretty her features were, but I could also see the brown patches from sun damage and the thickness usually caused from smoking.  And yes, she was smoking.   Why do ladies and gentlemen choose to abuse their skin?   Something that has to last you a life time?   The more I looked at her, the less pretty she became.  I saw the dark spots on her skin and the thick, heavy make up trying to hide them.   The pretty picture was ruined!

One on the things that the body has going for it, is that skin can be repaired and will rebound if the damaged has not progressed to the point of life threatening or disfiguring.   Yes, I said life threatening and disfiguring!  Melanoma can kill (sorry, strong words but straight to the point!) and Basal or Squamous Cell carcinomas can require large sections of skin removed.  Not pretty if it is taken from your face!  But if your skin damage has not progressed to that point,  we can make skin pretty again with the right medical skin care, sunscreen and some laser treatments, such as Intense Pulse Light or Profractional.  What is the cost?  It is expensive?  Not anymore than you would spend on a dinner out enjoying food and wine with friends or at the hair salon.   But, you would have pretty skin that you could maintain for the rest of your life.

But does it work?  That is one of the biggest questions I get all the time.  Yes it does and I am proof!  I hate heavy make up and wear virtually nothing in the way of foundation on my face. I have no brown spots and I love the look and the feel of clean, glowing skin.  It is a look that is great on everyone!

At Visage Clinic, Toronto, we have two medical skin care lines, ZO Skin Health medical by Dr. Zein Obagi and Skinmedica.    I love them both!  We also have a true sunscreen, aiming at both UVAs and IVBs.  Our recommendations will depend on your skin’s need and history.  Each person’s skin receives a customized treatment.

So do you want to be a “Pretty Woman” or a “Handsome Man” with great skin?    Come on in, let’s talk!

by Visage Clinic