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Breast Augmentation Before & After Pictures of Patient 34

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Case Number: 34

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Case 34

Breast Augmentation Before Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic   Breast Augmentation After Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
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This 26-year young woman came to Visage Clinic at the Richmond Hill location and was very unhappy with her breasts.  Her breasts were asymmetrical; different size - one being a B cup and the other one being an A cup – and different shape.  Along with those differences, both breasts were underdeveloped and tubular, a condition known as tuberous breast deformity.  A tuberous breast is a developmental anomaly where the breast has a very narrow base (contracted tissue) and usually a long skin envelope, sometimes with herniation of breast tissue through the areola.

This severely affected her self-esteem and her ability to develop intimate relationships.

Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré discussed her options and risks, the challenge and complexity of the procedure and the possibility of a slight asymmetry after surgery due to the severity of the breast differences.   The patient decided to proceed with the breast augmentation with breast implants and correction of her tuberous breast deformity.

For her procedure, Toronto Dr. Marc DuPéré used the Mentor silicone cohesive gel round moderate Plus profile implants.  For the right breast, a 325cc implant was used and for the left breast, a 400cc implant was used.  Both implants were placed sub-glandular (the recommended location of breast implants in tuberous breast correction), along with radial scoring of the contracted tissue.  Internal breast gland shaping and release of tethering bands were required for the correction of the tubular breasts.   

No areolar reduction was required.

The patient was thrilled with her results!  She was ever so confident post-operatively and felt very attractive!  After seeing Dr. Marc DuPéré, the patient left on vacation to a beach where she could go topless.  

Surgeon: Dr. Marc DuPéré
Patient Age: 26
Patient Gender: Female
Race: White

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients. These photos are of an actual patient of our practice who has provided consent to display their pictures online.

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Breast Augmentation Before Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
Breast Augmentation After Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
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