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Before & After Pictures of Patient 44

Procedures Performed: Abdominal Implants, Liposuction

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Case Number: 44


Case 44

Abdominal Implants, Liposuction Before Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic   Abdominal Implants, Liposuction After Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
Before   After

This former fitness competitor in her early 50’s came in for a consultation with Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc DuPéré.  Unhappy with the lumpy results that she had from abdominal liposuction from another plastic surgeon a few years before, she was hoping Dr. Marc DuPéré would be able to smooth her stomach area – and improve her abdominal athletic look.  She knew Toronto Dr. Marc DuPéré had an extensive expertise in body work, abdominal etching and body implants.

During her consultation at Visage Clinic in Toronto, plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré explained that he would be able to improve the lumpiness with a liposuction technique known as fat equalization.  This would break up the balls of fat that were visually evident and create a smooth visual surface. 

This patient was also interested in creating an abdominal six-pack look, which she had when she was younger before having babies.  Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré suggested that small carvable soft silicone gel implants could be placed in such an artistic and precise way as to enhance her pre-existing ‘6-abs’ (Dr. DuPéré uses 8 carvable abdominal implants for males).  These silicone gel implants would give her the strong, athletic looking stomach she wanted.  The tiny incisions from the fat equalization liposuction technique could be used for the abdominal implants placement.    The patient went ahead with the fat equalization pan-abdomen, the abdominal implant augmentation procedure and some abdominal etching.

The after pictures are six weeks post surgery.   The patient loved her new strong looking stomach with no fat lumps.  Canada’s top plastic surgeon and expert body implant surgeon, Dr. Marc DuPéré, was also very pleased.

Surgeon: Dr. Marc DuPéré
Patient Age: 51
Patient Gender: Female
Race: White

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients. These photos are of an actual patient of our practice who has provided consent to display their pictures online.

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Abdominal Implants, Liposuction Before Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
Abdominal Implants, Liposuction After Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
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