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Scrotoplasty Before & After Pictures of Patient 117

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Case Number: 117


Case 117

Scrotoplasty Before Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic   Scrotoplasty After Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
Before   After

The scrotal lift is performed either under general anesthesia or IV sedation with local anesthetic. Often, a large vertical ellipse of skin and muscle is excised from over the central raphe (look closely and every scrotum has a small line in the middle called the “raphe”, which is the result of the meeting of the 2 sides during embryogenesis). So the final scar is right in the middle, where there is already a line. The lift is created by removing skin and closing in layers, as one does in a breast lift.  This pushes up the testicles. Occasionally, the excess scrotal skin is so great that one must also have a small horizontal incision completely underneath where the scrotum meets the perineum (that space between the scrotum, or labia, and the anus), therefore resulting in a well-hidden scar. It is important to do both muscle and skin repair, as one does with a facelift, for example, for a stronger and longer-lasting effect. Fortunately, the thinner the skin is on the body, the better the scars are (think eyelid, lips, labia, areola, mouth mucosa, etc.).

Surgeon: Dr. Marc DuPéré
Patient Gender: Male
Race: White

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