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Before & After Pictures of Patient 106

Procedures Performed: Pectoral Implants, Pectus Excavatum

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Case Number: 106


Case 106

Pectoral Implants, Pectus Excavatum Before Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic   Pectoral Implants, Pectus Excavatum After Photo | Toronto, ON | Visage Clinic
Before   After

This patient came to us with a not so uncommon deformity: pectus excavatum. This is a condition where the chest wall (referering to the ribs and the sternum [aka chest bone]) can become deep or excavated during a person's development, hence the term pectus excavatum. The patient is an avid runner and gym goer however he could never build up his pectoral muscles to match the chest he wanted. Dr. DuPere and the patient discussed a custom made implant which would be inserted through a small incision to give his chest more balance. After the surgery, the patient was so happy to feel "normal" and confidence was restored. 

Surgeon: Dr. Marc DuPéré
Patient Age: 35
Patient Gender: Male

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