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Patient Resources

With your education, comfort, and convenience in mind, our cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Toronto and Richmond Hill is happy to provide a number of resources online that will make your office visit easier. We invite you to look through these patient resources and use them to enhance your experience at our surgery center and medical spa.

To find out more about the beautiful results you can achieve with a procedure at Visage Clinic in Richmond Hill or Toronto, request a consultation with cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Marc DuPéré, or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

Cancellation Policy for Procedures or Surgery

We take pride in the appropriate reservation of your procedural date and time! Our priority is to schedule procedures that can be attended to with the utmost of care.

Policy for non-surgical procedures:

Regarding surgery scheduling, this requires careful planning and coordination between our office, the Surgery Center and their operating room staff, as well as your anesthesiologist, if applicable. In addition, special medical instrumentation is prepared and sterilized for each individual procedure. Therefore, please understand the importance of respecting our "Three week Cancellation Policy" which entails the following:

Payment for surgery (which includes the surgeon's fee, the O.R. facility fee, and the anesthesia fee) must be received in full by certified check or credit card, three (3) weeks prior to your surgery date. This would also apply for any post-operative care facility, in the event you had reservations.

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