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Pre-Care & Post-Care

At Visage Clinic, we aim to make your cosmetic plastic surgery process in Toronto or Richmond Hill as smooth and convenient as possible. Please review these general instructions for before and after surgery.

If you have any questions, please immediately contact us online or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

General Pre-Surgery Instructions

General Post-Surgery Instructions

Nurse Next Door™ Home Care Services

Visage Clinic is proud to offer the Nurse Next Door service to all our plastic surgery patients in Toronto and Richmond Hill. Nurse Next Door is a service of personal support workers, college RPN nurses, and full registered nurses who can accompany you in your post-surgical journey, helping with your daily activities while you are recovering. The nurses can pick you up at the surgical center and drive you home, get you organized in your comfortable bed or chair, and make sure you have food, water, pills, books, or your iPad close by your side, and so on.

Having an adult at home for the first 24 hours is mandatory after being under general anesthesia. Having a nurse at home for the first 12 to 48 hours may be recommended by Dr. DuPéré for medical supervision purposes and for patients undergoing longer surgeries. Some patients may decide to have someone at home for a few hours every day for a short time to help with the recovery, dressings, and drains. For patients who prefer to keep their procedure private, the Nurse Next Door service is perfect. The nusrses can also accompany patients to a hotel if they are visiting from out of town for their procedure.

The Visage Clinic staff will be happy to go over the different levels of care offered and required depending on your situation and cost for each option.

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