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Part one: 100 Q & A with VISAGE Clinic Dr. DuPéré

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During the Covid19, Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Dr Marc DuPéré decided to start this Q&A on social media and the VISAGE team thought the Q&A should be published here so “they live” for a long time.  Enjoy!  And please do ask questions on the blogs!


1.How long after having a child can I do the Diva treatment?

Lucy, Ancaster, Ontario

We recommend waiting 6 months post child birth


2. When would I have to stop breast feeding if I want to proceed with an augmentation/lift?

Sophia, Ajax

3-6 months on average


3. When doing BBL, what areas are normally included in the procedure?

Andrea, Scarborough

I don’t have a predetermined pattern for donors as everyone is different and some patients for exemple like their saddlebags, some don’t. So I get the fat where I can find it. Less areas is more economical for the patient. Most of the time, I will to go to the abdomen, flanks, lower and upper back rolls, sometimes around the arms, bra rolls, inner knees and inner thighs, rarely calf.


4. How do you know if you are a candidate for Liposuction vs Trusculpt?

Tim, London, Ontario 

It is a lot about the amount of fat to be removed.  And the patient’s expectations. Trusculpt has limitations and will never get close to surgery – Trusculpt is best for smaller areas.


5. DO I have to replace buttock implants after 10 years?

Kris, Kitchener

The implant makers will always mention that implants are not meant to last forever. That being said, buttock implants cannot rupture since they are solid (yet very soft!), not gel, unlike breast implants.  So we rarely have to change them.


6. Should I get a breast augmentation before or after childbirth?

Joann, NewMarket

After childbirth and breast feeding is ideal as if you do before, you will likely require some sort of revision as most pregnancies will affect the breasts (and tummy).  That being said, I have young ladies who are not yet interested in having children for 10 years or so and want to enjoy fuller sexier breasts now in their 20s.

7. Why wouldn’t I be a candidate for a fat transfer procedure?

Michelle, Toronto

Many patients are good candidate. I do need good donor sites for an adequate volume of fat to inject. Patients must have the right expectations too.  Not all the fat liposuctioned is good for injection as some fat cells get broken.  For breast augmentation, I like to harvest about 1200-1500cc.  For buttock and hip augmentation, I like to get at least 2500cc of fat. For face, I only need about 50-100 cc.  Breasts can take about 300-400cc of fat per breast per session, of which 40-60% will likely die, therefore a final augmentation (per session) of about half 1/2 a cup.  For buttocks, it is common to inject about 800cc per side per session, and 300-400cc per hip-dip, per session.  Injecting too much leads to fat coming out of the wounds and fat overcrowding, and likely more fat loss (I call it “fat suffocation” as when you put too many people in a small room).


8. How do I know if I need to do liposuction or body lifting?

Gisele, Collingwood

It is a clinical judgment by the surgeon, based on experience.  It has to do with the skin elasticity, age, genetic background, history of serious weight loss, amount of fat to be suctioned; if I fell that liposuctioning will exceed the skin ability to contract, then a lifting (excisionnal lift) is recommended… or a very conservative (under treatment) liposuction… sometimes a happy compromise.


9. When can I expect to see my final result for rhinoplasty?

Isabel, Hamilton

Open rhinoplasty can take several weeks, sometimes a few months for the entire swelling to be dissipated, especially on the tip. Males take more time than ladies as male’s skin is thicker and more porous.


10. How do you know if you need to replace your breast implants?

Kathy, Mississauga

We recommend to visit us, plastic surgeons, at the 10-12 year anniversary then every 2 years or so after that. The reasons to replace the implants would be sagginess, aka ptosis, capsular contracture, fluid accumulation in a breast, rupture, someone wants bigger or smaller, asymmetry from capsular contracture, etc.


Stay tuned, I will keep adding questions on this blog until I reach up to 100!

Dr. Marc DuPéré, Toronto aesthetic plastic surgeon



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