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Oh, Those Skin Peptides: Our Medical Spa’s Approach

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Aging skin is one of the most common concerns we address at our medical spa in Toronto. Oh, if only there was some way we could slow down or reverse the most obvious signs of aging: loose, sagging skin and those lines and wrinkles that go beyond making us look wise and worldly.

Well, through the science of molecular biology, “biomimetic peptides” are considered a major advance in the clinical management of aging skin. Biomimetic peptides are synthetic compounds that are identical to natural amino acid sequences synthesized by an organism and can interact with growth factor receptors and provide anti-aging clinical effects. Studies have shown that the peptides have biological effects (such as stimulating the renewal of the epidermal layers, collagen synthesis, etc.) testifying the stimulation of reparative processes in the skin under their control.

Peptides & The Aging Process

Naturally occurring “peptide molecules” play an integral role in the anti-aging process, keeping our young skins plump, toned, and wrinkle and blemish-free. As we age, these peptides lose their effectiveness and those wonderful indicators of youth begin to change— and not necessarily in a good way (this is a fundamental component of the science of epigenetics and the DNA telomeres, something partially covered in one of Dr. DuPéré’s previous blog posts: Biologique Recherche’s La Grande Crème).

What Are Biomimetic Peptides?

Biomimetic peptides are scientifically-developed synthetic molecules designed to take over from our own tired ones and have been repeatedly shown to actually help reverse some of the more typical signs of aging.  They allow the epidermis and dermis to communicate more effectively, which is vital to processes like collagen production.

In all types of communication, one needs a sender of a message and a receiver of a message. All peptides are responsible for sending a message to your cells (the receivers) from an outside source (the sender). This message turns on a signal that tells the body to start the repair or healing process, which can occur in one-quarter to one-tenth time of the time it would take to just let the body heal without aid, depending on how the peptides have been introduced to the target area in the body.

How Can We Use Peptides in Skincare?

There are over 20,000 naturally-occurring peptides present in the human body, targeting every aspect of every organ and tissue complex of our bodies, and less than 60 of those have been approved for human use, including the famous EpigenActive peptide present in some of Biologique Recherche product line. Of the many approved peptides, a very small number are being introduced to cosmetic skincare products with very positive results.

For example, we see those peptides helping to stimulate collagen and elastin thereby increasing skin elasticity (acetyl decapeptide-3), to prevent damaging toxin penetration and reduce wrinkle depth (palmitoyl tetrapeptide-5 and 7), and to reduce skin sensitivity and hyper-pigmentation. Those peptides have strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (acetyl glucosamine) which can prevent and repair sun damage. And there are a very small number of peptides that have been copied to create biomimetic “clones” geared to aid in the reversal of negative signs of aging in the skin.

Dr. DuPéré’s Recommendations

Over the years, Dr. DuPéré has researched dermaceuticals extensively and has chosen 2 of the most powerful lines from France and Japan to introduce to Canada. These skincare lines are singular in their formulations, packing their products with high concentrations of marine, botanical and biological extracts, and of course loads of biomimetic peptides, ensuring amazing visible changes in our weather, pollution and stress-ravaged aging skin. Imagine seeing those telltale signs of aging I mentioned at the beginning of this blog begin to fade and be replaced with stronger, firmer, clearer, perkier skin.

To schedule a consultation with one of our master aestheticians to find out how we can assist you in developing a skincare regimen that will effectively and safely slow down and even reverse the hands of time, please contact us online or call our Toronto medical spa at (416) 929-9800.

Dawn Sinclair, Senior Medical Aesthetician

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