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Body Contouring Results Are Better Than Ever, Toronto Plastic Surgeon Says

Dr. Marc DuPéré, one of Toronto’s leading plastic surgeons for body implants, says procedures are safer and results look better thanks to advanced techniques.

Toronto, Ontario (November 2014) — Dr. Marc DuPéré ( specializes in cosmetic body implants and, as one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons, he says advanced techniques are leading to excellent results and increasing interest in body contouring procedures.

“Buttock and calf implants are increasingly popular at my practice,” Dr. DuPéré says. “Patients want natural-looking results that create appealing contours, and implants are a safe and effective way to accomplish that goal.”

Dr. DuPéré is one of the few plastic surgeons in Toronto and throughout Ontario performing calf, buttock, abdominal, hip, and pectoral implant procedures. He first became interested in body contouring implants during a trip to Brazil, by far the world capital of body contouring procedures. Brazil is also where Dr. DuPéré recently attended the International Symposium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. DuPéré, a Royal College-certified plastic surgery specialist, says augmentation of the buttocks is very popular right now, and it’s important patients understand the difference between buttock implants and a Brazilian butt lift, both of which he offers in Toronto at Visage Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

“Buttock implants are similar to silicone breast implants, although more viscous,” Dr. DuPéré says, “while the Brazilian butt lift is a technique that uses the patient’s own fat to augment the buttocks. Both procedures are effective, and I explain the benefits of each to patients who come to my office for consultations. Sometimes a combination of both procedures is suggested.”

Besides body implants, Dr. DuPéré says there is more interest in abdominal etching, a procedure that uses high-definition liposuction techniques to sculpt abdominal muscles to create the “six-pack” and “eight-pack” look that many men and women desire. He also notes that etching of other muscle groups is popular right now, as are calf implants, desired equally by men and women.

“Women with thin, narrow lower legs want more definition without looking muscular, so I use narrower implants to achieve the desired results,” Dr. DuPéré says. “But we also have implants specifically designed to provide a more muscular look for patients looking to bulk up.”

Body implants are also an excellent option for transgender patients in the transitioning process, Dr. DuPéré says.

“A female transitioning to male might opt for male chest wall contouring, a double mastectomy, and pectoral implants,” he says, “while a male in the transition phase may want buttock, breast, and hip implants.”

Dr. DuPéré says he is seeing a trend toward curvier, rounder figures, especially for the breast, hip, and buttock regions. There is also a steady trend in liposculpture to etch more definition not just in the abdominal area, but also thighs, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

“Curves are definitely back for our ladies,” he says. “And there are now more options than ever for men and women to enhance all areas of their bodies.”

Dr. DuPéré provides patients with a full spectrum of cosmetic services at Visage Clinic, which earned the Top Choice Award as the people’s choice for Toronto’s top plastic surgery clinic in 2013 and 2014.

Considering buttock augmentation or another cosmetic implant? Request a consultation with Dr. Marc DuPéré, one of Toronto’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeons.

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