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Get lifted with the Newest VOLIFT!

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Have you been thinking about filling in those lines around your mouth or the hollows under the eyes that are giving you that tired sad look?   Then you are so lucky!!   The Juvederm family of Voluma and Volbella has welcomed a new addition  –  Volift!

Even better!  We have it at Visage Clinic in Toronto!

Volift, by Juvederm,  completes the amazing line of long lasting fillers for volume replacement and facial sculpting.  At Visage Clinic, Board Certified Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Marc DuPéré uses his specialized unique techniques – including the cannulas – to fill in those nasty under eye hollows.   In doing so, Dr DuPéré can also give you back the cheeks that are now slowly drooping down to the mouth area.  Rejuvenation!

Soooo….Do you want to get a little pout going or simply to get it back?   Using Volift and Volbella, watch Dr. DuPéré change flat and wrinkled mouth into a luscious, youthful and sexy lips that look like they never left you.

Let’s tighten that jawline with the big boy of the Juvederm family – Voluma.  With its big strong molecules, Dr. DuPéré can work deeply along the bone, to contour and redefine a sagging jowl.

Guys, do want a more chiseled chin but afraid of chin implant surgery?  It’s Voluma again!  Dr. DuPéré can shape and extend your chin giving you a stronger, more ‘alpha’, more masculine and cut look.

Nose a little flat? Are you thinking about getting more definition of just more nasal height?  It is amazing what Dr. Marc DuPéré can do with 1 syringe of Voluma or Volift with his non-surgical nose job!

Now for those who want to have a little more ‘stand-uppish’ nipples for the sexy look under the T-shirt…  It is possible with Volift!  One treatment and it’s done.  Nipplitis all the time!

Ladies, you have lovely diamond earrings but you can’t see them because of tired saggy earlobes?  Volift can help.  A little bit in each earlobe, plumps up the lobe and those diamonds will sparkle!

I personally have what is known in the Toronto plastic surgery world as “peanut head” – or hollows in my temples.  This is in addition to a loss of youthful mid-forehead curvature… It makes me look like the Cro-Magnon woman!  Lol!  Dr. Marc DuPéré has filled those hollows and depressions and given me back a lovely young looking forehead.  I also have had the Juvederm Voluma, Volbella and Volift  under my eyes, cheeks, jawline and lips.  I am very happy with how I look for my age.  A little sexy and a little younger than my actual age.   The way I look matches my brain.  I am so happy!

So if you want to be happy with your reflection in the mirror, consider the Juvederm Voluma, Volbella and it’s newest member Volift.   Long lasting, smooth to the touch with natural looking results.   Who can ask for more!

by Joyce Palmer

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