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Neck Lift Toronto: When Can You Get Out After Your Toronto Neck Lift?

October 8th, 2022 Share

If you are thinking about getting a neck lift treatment done, or if you are already in the recovery stage after having surgery, you are undoubtedly wondering when you will be able to go about your normal routine. In spite of the fact that the recovery phase is of the utmost significance to guarantee that you obtain the best results possible, it is essential to keep in mind the importance of adhering to the fundamental but essential recovery steps and avoiding any problems in order to facilitate a successful outcome. Having said that, how long does it often take before patients in Toronto who have undergone a neck lift operation may return to their normal activities? Let’s find out.

What Is A Neck Lift?

Let’s start off with the basics: what is a neck lift procedure? A neck lift is a surgical operation that can reduce the visible indications of aging in the jawline and neck area. A lot of people complain that they look older than they really are because they have extra skin on their neck, a double chin, or a “turkey neck.” A neck lift is something to consider if you feel as though the area around your neck does not match the youthfulness of the rest of your face.

A neck lift will not, however, prevent the signs of aging from appearing, and it is essential that patients recognize this fact. Its purpose is to assist you in creating the impression that you are younger than you actually are by promoting anti-aging effects.

How Exactly Is A Neck Lift Carried Out?

A neck lift is often done while the patient is under general anesthesia. Your clinical appearance and aesthetic goals will determine whether you should have a typical neck lift incision or a limited incision during your neck lift operation. Your choices include both:

Incision For The Traditional Neck Lift

For the traditional neck lift, the incision begins at the hairline close to the sideburn, continues down and around the ear, and stops at the hairline in the back of the head. It is common practice to rearrange the tissues that lie beneath the skin of the neck and to tighten the platysma muscle. The patient’s skin will be redraped over the newly sculpted facial contours, and any extra skin will be removed.

Incisions For The Restricted Neck Lift

It’s possible that this method will require incisions that go all the way around the ear. Although these incisions are far shorter than those used in typical neck lifts, it is possible that the outcomes will be less dramatic overall.

Sutures will be used to close up any and all of the incision lines. After they have healed, any incisions that were made during the treatment are very well concealed within the hairline, which means that you won’t have to worry about scarring that is obvious to others.

The Recovery Process After A Neck Lift In Toronto

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics about the procedure, let’s move on to the recovery process after a neck lift in Toronto. A bandage will be placed over your face and neck while you are recovering from a neck lift surgery. This wrap will assist to reduce any bruising and swelling that may occur as a result of the procedure. You will receive detailed instructions from Dr. DuPéré on how to appropriately care for the surgery site, any drains that may be present, and the medications that are prescribed to you.

During your recovery, it is essential to keep your head raised on two to three pillows while sleeping in order to limit the amount of swelling that occurs. Do not put ice on your neck because this could have a detrimental effect on the circulation of blood to the skin.

You will be able to see visible improvements to the area around your neck as the bruising and swelling in that region begins to go down. In general, it may take up to a year for the incision lines to mature to their maximum potential.

Recovery From A Neck Lift At Home

In most cases, a neck lift will take between two and three hours. You will either be sedated through an intravenous line or put under for a general anesthetic. After you have recovered from the anesthetic, you will be able to go home, but you will need someone else to drive you.

There is a possibility that you have a little tube in your neck that drains fluid that accumulates under your skin. You will also have sutures at your incision sites. You can also be required to go home with a restrictive bandage on. As we’ve mentioned, the bandage will assist in reducing the amount of edema. It may take anything from a few weeks to several months before the bruising and swelling completely go away and you can see the final effects of your neck lift.

Following neck lift surgery, the majority of patients require around one week of rest and recovery at home. During this difficult time, you should make sure that you have someone who can assist you. Be sure to carefully adhere to your physician’s recommendations as well. Dr. DuPéré might suggest that you:

  • Keep the bandage on your wound throughout the day and night for the first week. You are welcome to keep wearing it during the night for a little while after that.
  • As advised by your surgeon, you should take your pain medication on a consistent basis. Do not take any over-the-counter pain medication without first consulting with your primary care physician.
  • Applying a cold compress will help lessen both the discomfort and the swelling. Avoid getting ice directly onto your skin at all costs.
  • When you are lying down, make sure your head is elevated.
  • For the next few months, you should try to stay away from long, hot showers and steam baths. That said, the following day after your treatment, you should be able to take a refreshing shower of any temperature as long as Dr. DuPéré has allowed it.
  • Stay away from anything physically taxing for the next two weeks.
  • Within two weeks, most people will be able to go back to work. Before coming back to work full time, you should get clearance from your primary care physician if you have a physically demanding job or one that requires you to lift heavy objects. It’s possible that your work load or schedule will need to be adjusted.
  • After approximately a few days have passed since your surgery, your doctor will remove the drain from your neck. The doctor who performed your surgery will remove your stitches between 5 and 10 days after the procedure in most cases.

Tips To Improve The Results Of Your Neck Lift

There are a few ways and some tips that can improve the results of your neck lift such as:

Combining Your Neck Lift With Another Procedure

In order to achieve even better outcomes from a neck lift, additional rejuvenation operations can be carried out in conjunction with the primary procedure. These include a brow lift, which is performed to repair a drooping brow; eyelid surgery, which is performed to rejuvenate the appearance of aging eyes; and fat transfer, which is performed to provide youthful volume to the cheeks or lips.

Have Realistic Expectations During Your Recovery

A neck lift can make you look years younger and improve how you feel about how you look overall. There have been a lot of studies done that suggest people who undergo cosmetic surgery are happy with the results and have more confidence after the procedure. On the other hand, it is essential to have reasonable expectations regarding the results a neck lift may and cannot achieve. A neck lift will not stop the hands of time from ticking on your face. You will need to maintain the level of care that you give to your skin after the procedure. This involves minimizing your time spent in the sun as much as possible, always protecting your skin with sunscreen, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Book Your Neck Lift Consultation In Toronto

Prior to making a choice, patients need to be informed about all of the surgical procedures available to them. The initial consultation for a neck lift may go longer than 45 minutes, and during that time, Dr. DuPéré will ensure that you fully comprehend all of the information that is provided to you. The first thing we want to accomplish is for you to become an informed patient. We are aware that an informed patient will be able to make more judicious decisions regarding their procedure and their recovery timeline.

Set up a consultation with Visage Clinics board-certified surgeon Dr. DuPéré by giving us a call to find out more about the ways in which he can improve the appearance of your neck and to find out more about the recovery process.

You can also have us call you; just fill out the contact form on our website, and we will give you a call either the same business day or the following business day. We look forward to speaking with you about your neck lift procedure!