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Neck Lift FAQ

November 20th, 2021 Share

Neck lift and facelift procedures are particularly popular in our Toronto location when it comes to revitalizing the regions that are most prone to aging. Each year, thousands of Canadian men and women have these procedures, and many have concerns about what to anticipate before, during, and after the treatment.

Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our neck lift Toronto procedure.

What is a Neck Lift and How is it Performed?

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that improves the look of a person’s neck, jawline, and throat. It gives the neckline a smoother, more elegant appearance. A neck lift may also assist a person to get rid of fat deposits and tighten their neck skin.

What Is the Difference Between Platysmaplasty and a Neck Lift?

Although there are some parallels between a neck lift and a platysmaplasty, there are also significant variances between the two procedures.

The following indications of aging on the neck and throat may be addressed with a neck lift:

  • Under the chin and around the jowls
  • Fat deposits and build-up
  • Laxity of the skin
  • Laxity of the muscles
  • Laxity of the submuscular muscles

Platysmaplasty, on the other hand, entails the regeneration of the neck muscles. It enables a person to deal with a variety of situations, including:

  • Double chin effects
  • Droopy jowls
  • Skin that is loose and drooping, giving the impression of a “turkey neck”
  • Neck bands or cables that are distracting

Dr. DuPéré, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, educates patients about operations that enhance the look of the skin in the neck and face. He can explain the distinctions between platysmaplasty and a neck lift. Dr. DuPéré may then react to a patient’s neck procedure queries and advise them on the best course of action.

A Facelift or a Neck Lift: Which Is Better?

Cosmetic treatments such as facelifts and neck lifts are great procedures that many people can benefit from.. However, there are some significant distinctions between the two.

A facelift removes lines, wrinkles, and other facial imperfections, while a neck lift corrects noticeable indications of aging around the neck. In certain cases, a patient may benefit from a neck lift operation. A facelift may be beneficial to a patient in certain circumstances. Patients may also benefit from having both a facelift and a neck lift done at the same time.

Is it True That I’m Too Old for a Facelift/Neck Lift?

The physical aging of your face and neck determines if you are a candidate for a face and neck lift. Because people age in various ways and at varying speeds, it’s hard to determine when they’ll be ready for a facelift. Take a peek at your lower face and neck instead. You may be a suitable candidate for a facelift if you have considerable laxity, jowls, localized fat deposits, or deep creases. Dr. DuPéré assesses your areas of concern during your appointment and assists you in determining if the treatment is a suitable match for you.

What Distinguishes a Non-Surgical Facelift/Neck lift from a Standard Procedure?

A non-surgical face lift uses strategically placed injectable treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers to minimize wrinkles, enhance volume, and even give drooping regions a modest lift. Although a non-surgical facelift does not have the same ability to modify the underlying tissues and tighten muscles as a typical facelift, it may provide visible benefits for those who have less severe indications of facial aging. It’s also a wonderful, adaptable alternative for people who want a fast pick-me-up without having to take time away from their everyday routines to recuperate. Dr. DuPéré can help you figure out what type of outcomes you might anticipate from surgery and non-surgical treatments.

Can a Face and Neck Lift Enhance the Appearance Of My Complete Face?

The goal of a face and neck lift is to enhance the appearance of the neck and the bottom two-thirds of the face. People tend to notice the earliest and most dramatic indications of aging in these places, which is why this procedure’s popularity continues to grow.

Although a facelift does not enhance the appearance of the upper face, Dr. DuPéré has choices for individuals who want to address particular difficulties in this region. By removing extra skin, eliminating fatty deposits, and filling empty or sunken regions, eyelid surgery may enhance the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids. Brow lift surgery smoothes out forehead creases and elevates a drooping brow for a more alert, rejuvenated look. If both your top and lower face are bothering you. For a more comprehensive change, Dr. DuPéré may combine your face and neck lift with eyelid surgery or a forehead lift.

Is it Possible to Undergo a Neck Lift on its Own?

Yes. Dr. DuPéré may change his technique to do solely neck lift surgery for a more focused improvement, albeit it’s not as frequent as a combination treatment.

How Can I Ensure that my Outcomes are as Long-lasting as Possible?

Although facelift surgery cannot reverse the effects of aging, the benefits may persist for years. Good skin care can help you keep your new appearance for a long time. Skin stays healthy and attractive with a robust at-home program that includes regular washing and moisturizing with proven components like antioxidants or retinols. It’s also crucial to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day to avoid damage and wrinkles. Regular non-surgical treatments, including injectable fillers, may also help you maintain your results.

Will I Need More Surgery in the Future?

Although some patients prefer to get a second facelift ten or fifteen years after their first, this is a personal choice. Even though facelift surgery does not totally reverse the aging process, you will seem younger than you would without it. Only you, with the help of Dr. DuPéré, can decide if more surgery is the best option for you.

Are there Non-Surgical Neck Lift Alternatives?

Non-surgical therapies may be used to temporarily address obvious indications of aging in the neck and face, but neck lifts are usually done as a surgical procedure. During a patient appointment, Dr. DuPéré may discuss surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures depending on the severity of your case.

What is the Procedure for a Neck Lift?

Dr. DuPéré performs a neck lift surgery using one of the following techniques:

Skin-SMAS-Platysma Lift: This procedure involves raising and tightening the skin of the neck and throat, giving the neck a toned look.

Platysmaplasty: Addresses the neck’s underlying muscles while also repositioning fat, resulting in a tighter, more youthful neckline.

Dr. DuPéré will examine a patient before doing a neck lift. He utilizes the evaluation to inspect his patient’s neck and facial skin, as well as learn about any difficulties he or she wishes to address. Dr. DuPéré then provides a specific therapy prescription to guarantee that this patient achieves long-term success.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Neck Lift Procedure Done?

The time it takes to do a neck lift might range from one to three hours. The amount of time needed is determined by the surgery’s intricacy.

What Should I Do to Prepare for a Neck Lift?

Dr. DuPéré gives advice to his patients on how to prepare for neck lifts. The following are some of the suggestions:

  • Submit to a medical examination. A medical checkup is required by Dr. DuPéré at least a few weeks before surgery. This guarantees that a patient is in excellent health and that he or she is still a feasible treatment prospect.
  • Smoking and some drugs should be avoided. In the weeks preceding up to surgery, Dr. DuPéré advises patients to quit smoking. He also wants to know whether the patient is taking any drugs or supplements. Dr. DuPéré advises his patients to temporarily cease using any of these drugs or supplements if they may interfere with treatment outcomes.

Dr. DuPéré wants his patients to be confident in their decision to have surgery. He invites them to contact him with any concerns or questions they may have prior to therapy. Dr. DuPéré and his patient may then collaborate to guarantee a successful surgery.

Is Neck Lift Surgery Painful?

During neck lifts, patients may suffer minimal pain. Dr. DuPéré, on the other hand, guarantees that his patients are not in excruciating discomfort throughout the treatment.

Is Anesthesia Required for Neck Lift Surgery?

Patients undergoing neck lifts may be given anesthesia by Dr. DuPéré. He decides whether to employ local or general anesthetic before beginning the procedure. This will also be discussed during your initial consultation with the surgeon.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Neck Lift?

Neck lift recuperation takes two to four weeks on average. During the recuperation phase, a bandage is frequently wrapped over the patient’s face and neck to prevent bruising and swelling. Dr. DuPéré also gives guidance on how to care for the surgical incision site and prevent problems after surgery to promote the best results possible from your surgery.

Will Scars Remain After a Neck Lift?

Facelift and neck lift patients may select between two types of surgery at our Toronto clinic: the long scar, or classic facelift, and the short scar, or mini facelift. Even if you keep your hair short, both of these surgeries leave extremely little scarring that is usually well disguised beneath your hairline.

To perform the surgery itself, incisions in the neck are necessary for the completion of the procedure. Dr. DuPéré, on the other hand, takes precautions to reduce the possibility of scarring following treatment.

Dr. DuPéré usually cuts a hairline incision at the level of the sideburn. The incision continues down and around the ear, ending at the hairline at the back of the head.

Neck lift incisions are typically minimal, which helps them blend in with the rest of the body following surgery. In the weeks after treatment, a scar cream may be used to help minimize the appearance of scars even further.

Scars may form following neck lift surgery, however they normally go away with time. Scars in natural skin wrinkles or hair might be difficult to discern in many circumstances. Scars may be concealed using makeup until the neck lift is fully recovered.

When Can I Expect to See the Full Effects of a Neck Lift?

In the weeks after their neck lifts, patients will see the first results. It takes roughly six months for the full effects of neck lifts to show and normally show after the healing process has finished and swelling has diminished.

Is it Possible to Correct a Turkey Neck with a Neck Lift Procedure?

In certain cases, a neck lift may be used to address a turkey neck, which is wrinkled, sagging skin that accumulates under the neck. Dr. DuPéré asks for an assessment to see whether a patient will benefit from a neck lift to reduce or completely correct the look of “turkey neck”.


The technique of a neck lift has been known to be performed in conjunction with a facelift procedure, although in certain circumstances, individuals are solely interested in rejuvenating the skin on their neck regions. Dr. DuPéré has vast expertise in facial procedures, whether it is to correct aging effects, wrinkles, or just to provide a natural-looking lift. Dr. DuPéré has been practicing for decades in the plastic surgery field. This surgeon takes great pride in ensuring that your safety comes first and that the results you want may be obtained using cutting-edge surgical techniques that are at the forefront of the industry.

We hope that this brief article has helped to address some of your queries about neck lift procedures. If you still have questions or would like to schedule a consultation with board certified surgeon Dr. DuPéré, please call our clinic now and one of our cosmetic experts would be happy to assist you. We can’t wait to guide you in achieving the ultimate outcomes that you’ve been dreaming of for so long!