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Modern Breast Augmentation in Toronto

June 23rd, 2016 Share

When considering breast augmentation, my Toronto patients are looking for volume but also for a pleasant natural result and safety in the execution of their surgical procedure.  This has always been the case over my 15 years of aesthetic practice.

The safety of their procedure is assured at our accredited surgical centre with our surgical nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists. We also offer a medically-supervised overnight facility.

Privacy is also provided with our private elevator, private entrance and exit and private underground parking.

Many options are available for our patients contemplating a breast augmentation procedure.  I select with my patients the optimal breast implants, the ideal plane for the implant placement, and which incision would be best. When choosing the implant, I consider their body shape for optimal balance and harmony: shaped versus round implants, smooth versus textured, moderate, full or extra full profile (projection), soft versus firmer implants, etc. Location of the scar is decided together and I go over the pros and cons of areolar, inframammary-fold and breast lift incisions. Implant placement is also an important consideration: sub-pectoral muscle, subglandular, sub-fascial and dual-plane placement.

Education is crucial and it is why I will spend 45-60 minutes with my patients to evaluate their medical and obstetrical history, their lifestyle, their goals, the type of work they do, and I will also discuss their recovery.  I will take careful measurements such as skin pinch, breast width, nipple to notch and nipple to fold distances; those are crucial for choosing the right device.

Recovery is also thoroughly discussed and many of our patients enjoy a rapid recovery.

I do encourage my patient to bring with them questions for me at their consultation.

I also encourage them to bring a sports bra as I spend time with my patients and our nurse to try our sizers, which I feel offer the closest simulation to “real-life” breast augmentation results.

I do like to hear what my patients’ dream size is but I do remind them that there is no uniform “cup sizing”; the cup size changes depending on the bra manufacturers; a C cup in Calvin Klein is not the same as a C cup in Victoria Secrets.

I also remind my patients that their breasts are different than their friends’ breasts so their friend’s implants are likely not going to look the same on them; therefore, I do individualize each procedure.

Cleavage is also another myth I discuss with my patients. Cleavage is something that appears with the wear of a bra. A conscientious plastic surgeon will not create a larger pocket or closer-to-the-midline pocket if this will lead to complications months later.

Managing the breast fold is also key in the breast augmentation procedure along with minimizing the risk of capsular contracture: minimal-touch technique, triple-antibiotic lavage, surgeon-only manipulating the implants, the use of the Keller funnel, bloodless pocket, etc.

Some patients have ptosis or breast sagginess and they may require a breast lift – either alone or with an implant – and this is something I evaluate with my patients.

Many patients have asymmetries and some are more challenging than others, such as tuberous constricted breasts, which require a different implant, a different breast tissue treatment and some areolar tightening (the disk around the nipple).

It is important to follow-up with your plastic surgeon over the years as late complications, such as capsular contracture, seroma, implant displacement, can occur.

Mammography needs to be performed as recommended by the Ministry of Health of your province or state.

In summary, the modern breast augmentation technique is more than ever today a craft that requires a precise and individualized approach. If you’re interested with me about your breast augmentation, please contact me online or call my office at 1 (855) 8 VISAGE today.

Dr. Marc DuPéré