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Cosmetic Treatments for the Scrotum

Men around the world are no strangers to hair removal and other methods for improving the way their bodies look – even their most intimate areas. Aesthetic treatments of the scrotum, including “scrotox,” are gaining popularity among Toronto men. At Visage Clinic, Dr. Marc DuPéré offers a selection of options for reshaping and rejuvenating this delicate area.

Nonsurgical Options

Colloquially referred to as “scrotox,” nonsurgical improvement of the scrotum relies on selective injections of BOTOX COSMETIC® to smooth wrinkles and ridges on the surface of the scrotum. This is also a popular option for men with naturally high or contracted scrotums, as the active ingredient in BOTOX relaxes muscles and causes them to “hang loose.” Depending on where in the scrotum BOTOX is administered, this approach can lead to a smoother scrotum, lower-hanging testicles, or both.

Dr. DuPéré uses a topical anesthetic and extremely small, fine needles to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. In fact, many patients say they don’t feel much at all during the injections. Typically, results created by this approach can last for about 4 months.

Surgical Options

Scrotoplasty, more commonly called a “scrotal lift,” is a surgical procedure that’s performed to tighten and lift the scrotum. This area can lose elasticity and begin to sag with age just as other parts of the body do. Scrotoplasty is performed while the patient is under either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.

The scrotum has a line or ridge that runs down its center called the raphe, and Dr. DuPéré makes use of this existing ridge for incision placement. He makes an ellipse-shaped incision, then removes this area of skin and closes the area with sutures.

Because the skin of the scrotum is quite thin and delicate in comparison to other skin of the body, the resulting scar is relatively discreet. Additionally, the results of surgical scrotoplasty are likely to last for many years, although they cannot completely halt the aging process and the effects of gravity.

More minor concerns can be treated with surgery as well. For example, some men have a “web” of skin that connects the scrotum to the rear of the penis. This can make the penis appear smaller and affect intercourse. This is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed on its own or incorporated into a scrotoplasty surgery.

Aesthetic treatments of the scrotum may be difficult to discuss, but they can yield big benefits. Please request your consultation with Dr. DuPéré online or call us at (416) 929-9800 to schedule your visit.

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