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Laser Hair Removal

Imagine never having to shave, pluck, or wax again. Laser hair removal helps both men and women achieve smooth skin free of unwanted body hair. The trained laser technicians at Dr. Marc DuPéré's Visage Clinic perform laser hair removal for Toronto residents who want to remove their body hair permanently.

Laser hair removal at Visage Clinic is a safe, quick, and convenient way to eliminate hair from several areas of your body. Request a consultation online or call our office at (416) 929-9800 to learn more.

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Where Can Laser Hair Removal Help?

This procedure eliminates hair at the follicle in several areas of the body, including:

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Visage Clinic's Laser Hair Removal Techniques

Our experienced laser technicians apply a pulsating laser light to areas where the patient has unwanted body hair. The laser penetrates the skin into the follicles, disrupting each follicle's ability to produce hair. Laser hair removal can cover a much larger area at a time than other treatments, such as electrolysis. Results are excellent, but patients may need yearly maintenance.

Most of Dr. DuPéré's Toronto laser hair removal patients require several sessions spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart to ensure long-lasting results. This is because hairs grow in cycles, and laser hair removal is only effective during each hair's growth phase. 

Many patients can also benefit from other light and laser therapies such as intense pulsed light treatments and laser skin resurfacing.

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