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Masque VIVANT: LIVING (and moving!) mask for your face!

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This is a specific treatment for blemishes, breakouts, blackheads and to brighten and deep clean the complexion using Biologique Recherche skin care products. This is an easy at home facial that will also reveal a healthier, more balanced and radiant skin. I recommend this treatment be done once or twice per week.

This treatment combines two of Biologique Recherche’s top cream masks, as they really work wonders for the skin.

Masque Vivant is a fantastic rebalancing, purifying and non-drying formula that helps to:

  1. regulate excess sebum and
  2. limit the appearance of blemishes
  3. preserve the skin’s essential hydration for a clearer, healthier and shine-free look.

Masque VIP 02 is an oxygenating and moisturizing “antipollution” treatment mask that brings back radiance to stressed and asphyxiated skin. Its soothing, regenerating and revitalizing formula is rich in moisturizing botanicals that also contains Biologique Recherche’s unique oxygenating complex, making it the ideal treatment for dull, devitalized, tired and/or stressed skin.

For oily skins dealing with breakouts, I suggest using Biologique Recherche Complexe Iribiol; this treatment serum will help treat blemishes and congested pores by balancing and regulating sebum secretion, tightening pores, stimulating cell renewal and promoting healing.

Facial Steps:

1- Start cleansing with a dime size amount of BR Lait VIP 02 over entire face, neck and chest, emulsify with small circular movements, remove with tepid water using facial pads or washcloth. Dry with tissue.

2- Moisten a cotton pad with BR lotion P50T or P50PIGM and gently pat all over, make sure to cover entire face, neck and chest.

3- Next proceed with the application of your mask mix, there are two options, choose the one that best meets your skin needs:

Option 1: For dull, devitalized and sensitive skin instants; mix of 1/3 of Masque VIP O2 with 2/3 of Masque Vivant and mix well. Apply this mixture over the face, neck and cleavage, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water and gently pat dry with tissue. *tip: Masque VIP02 can be refrigerated prior to using, this will give the skin a more soothing and calming effect.

Option 2: For oily, congested and acne prone skin; mix a pinch of baking soda and a few drops of complexe iribiol with Masque Vivant, this mixture will create a foamy mask, apply to face, neck and cleavage for 15 minutes, then rise off with cool water and gently pat dry with tissue.

4- Proceed with the application of BR Complex Iribiol or your desired Biologique Recherche serums.  Apply 8-10 drops of serum on clean skin over the whole face, neck and cleavage in a light ascending massage until the product has been completely absorbed. Focus on the T-zone where sebaceous glands are generally more concentrated.

The following serums are also ideal for this facial treatment depending on specific skin concerns.

SERUM DERMOPORE: Ideal to tighten dilated pores and regulate sebaceous secretion.

SERUM BIOSENSIBLE: Soothes and calms sensitive irritated skin.

SERUM PLACENTA: Helps to reduce imperfections, heal breakouts and prevent pigmentation.

SERUM OLIGO-PROTEINES MARINES: Revitalizes, energizes and brightens the complexion

5- Follow serum with the application of the appropriate moisturizer such as Crème VIP02, Crème Placenta, Crème Dermopurifiante or Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. (sebum regulating). Gently massage a pea size of desired cream in upwards motion over the face, neck and decollete until completely absorbed.

6-Finish with the application of Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP 02 finishing serum over entire face, neck and decollete with gentle upward massages.

7- Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.

And don’t forget to relax during this time. Meditate if you can. Put some nice calming music, spray a nice scent in the room, perhaps lit up a candle. You might want to share the experience with your husband, partner or with your children. It is a good time to take care of yourself.

Gabriela, Master Aesthetician, VISAGE Clinic, Skin Lab, lasers and MedSpa


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