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Looks don’t matter?

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“Looks don’t matter… what matters is what’s on the inside.”  We tell it to our children, we hear it in the media and there are even story books written about it.  But is it true?  Or do looks matter to some extent…?

The truth is that the inside can only take you so far, and in the real world, if the inside isn’t overly awesome and outside needs help, what can result is a very unhappy person who does not feel they can succeed at anything.

Hmm, it is the age-old debate about beauty versus brains.  Does how you look matter?

I like to take the balanced approach in making sure you look appealing and youthful, not supermodel, with a good mix of intelligence and personality, which gives you the winning combination.

Studies now prove that people who feel good about how they look, come with a more positive outlook on life, which often leads to better opportunities. You are more likely to see successful people being appealing to the eye than someone who does not care. But, being happy is not necessarily tied to good looks and success.   That usually ends up being something you must achieve and maintain by using the inside and the outside.   This applies to business and relationships.

So if you want to get rid of wrinkles between the brows, you hate your nose or your body is not what you want it to be after weight loss or having a baby, think about a bit of Botox, a rhinoplasty or a mommy makeover.   Don’t let your outside stop your inside from being seen.

Mix your brains with a little beauty and then life can be pretty good.

By Joyce Palmer

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