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What Is Labia Puffing? 

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Labia puffing may be a new term to you, but it’s a procedure I’ve been offering for more than 15 years as a nonsurgical alternative to labiaplasty at my Toronto clinic. The technique involves re-inflating the labia majora with fillers or fat grafting and recently has become quite popular.

The labia majora, or outer labia, are subject to stretching and deflation because of fluctuating weight and after childbirth. It is therefore quite natural for a lady to want to restore her labia to its original look and feel.

Using Fillers

The nonsurgical way is a simple in-office injection of hyaluronic acid fillers (such as JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®) into each labia majora until the patient is happy with the volume. It is done using a topical anesthetic gel. On average, I inject 2 to 5 ml of filler into each labia majora. I do use the cannula technique for optimal comfort and safety. The volume required depends on both the patient’s wishes and the amount of laxity present, often post-pregnancy. I like to use our longer-lasting products, but it also needs to have a soft consistency. Patients can also return weeks or months later to add, should they desire more volume.

Using Fat Grafting

A more permanent puffing technique is fat grafting. It involves a surgical procedure that can be done under intravenous (deep) sedation or general anesthesia. Fat is harvested manually to enhance the survival of fat cells. I commonly extract fat from the abdomen, inner thighs and/or inner knees. The next steps include cleaning and decanting the fat, which is put in a centrifuge to remove oil and blood. I like to use the heavier fat component in my centrifuged fat (bottom 2-3 ml). Fat is injected carefully, gently, meticulously, with the cannula technique.

Some ladies have a very large excess of skin and deflation, often the result of both having a child and weight loss. In those situations, a patient may opt for skin excision alone, a large amount of fat grafting (yet too much may create what is called “camel toe”) or some may choose a combination of skin excision and fat grafting, trying to restore to the pre-baby anatomical features.

Many ladies will have this procedure on its own or with our diVa laser vaginal tightening while others will choose to have it during a scheduled surgery such as with a tummy tuck and/or breast surgery (mommy makeover), pubic lift, vaginal tightening, or labiaplasty (inner labia).

If you’ve been reading about puffing and want to see if you can benefit from this procedure, contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (416) 929-9800 (Yorkville).

Dr. Marc DuPéré

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