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La Grande Dame de la Crème: La Crème de La Crème!

February 25th, 2018 Share

La Grande Crème is the ULTIMATE anti-aging cream. End of story.

Think “Crème de la crème” and “La Grande Dame Champagne,” all in one spectacular jar. French apotheosis.

Biologique Recherche is now offering its premium anti-aging cream in Canada and you can find this unbelievable skincare product in Toronto at VISAGE Clinic.

La Grande Crème is recommended to combat all components of skin aging. It’s arguably the best one can find today on the market. La Grande Crème combines botanical extracts, concentrated active ingredients, and the latest in epigenetic discoveries: the famous EpigenActive peptide. It is the first of its kind.

Apply in the morning and or evening to the cleansed skin of entire face, neck, décolleté and hands. Massage in using upward strokes.


If you want to know why it is unique on its own in the anti-aging armamentarium, please read on and see this video.

La Grande Crème is formulated to work on the genes involved in the aging process in order to promote cellular regrowth. To understand this revolutionary treatment, one has to understand “epigenetics,” one of the newest and hottest concepts in aging.

We are all familiar with DNA and that we receive 23 chromosomes from Mom and 23 from Dad. Our DNA dictates our height, skin colour, quality of hair, wrinkles, and more qualities.

Each of our 46 chromosomes has proteins at the end of each strand, called telomeres (depicted as yellow caps in the picture below).

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One chromosome in blue, and the telomere caps in yellow (epigenetic)

Not all genes get “expressed,” and not all get expressed to the same level.  A lot of the expression has to do with those proteins at the end of our DNA, the telomeres. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes and will influence the expression of various genes.

Epigenetics is the study of those telomeres, and epigenetic factors are the cellular mechanisms that influence, increase or decrease gene expressions.

It is believed there is a strong connection between the shortening of telomeres over time and cellular aging. Briefly, when discussing genes and aging, long telomeres at the end of our DNA are good, and short ones are bad This not only refers to skin but also to brain tissues, cardiac tissue, and more.

Epigenetic changes affect phenotype (the way a gene is expressed) by influencing the expression of genes, rather than the content of the genes themselves. Today, it is believed today that the length of telomeres can be affected both by environmental factors including diet, sleep, exercises, stress or weightlessness, and that gene therapy (as with La Grande Crème) for the purpose of adding some length back to telomeres may be a rational tactic for extending the lifespan and healthspan.

Recently in a San Diego lab, major discoveries regarding cell reprogramming and epigenetics and breakthroughs towards DNA and telomere repair and lengthening have been made. A peptide, EpigenActive, was isolated. EpigenActive is a protein that acts on EGF (epidermal growth factor) receptors, which are essential to regenerate and recycle degraded proteins. EpigenActive then helps to regenerate tissues and recycle proteins that have been degraded, ultimately reinforcing the skin barrier and recovering its structure. This polypeptide also works to firm the skin, diminishes irregularities caused by pigmentation, and provides a volumizing and lifting effect to target sagging skin.

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La Grande Creme by Biologique Recherche at Visage Clinic, Toronto

La Grande Crème, with its EpigenActive, helps regulating down the expression of progerin, a marker of senescence. La Grande Crème also protects mitochondrial DNA and epidermal stem cells to promote a healthy synthesis of lipids, essential to the skin barrier against external factors, effectively combating and preventing dark spots to provide a lighter, radiant and illuminated complexion.

A total innovation in the world of professional cosmetics, La Grande Crème targets all age-related phenomena. La Grande Crème combines botanical extracts, concentrated active ingredients, and epigenetic discoveries—EpigenActive—to be the first of its kind. With this newly discovered and isolated peptide, it is now possible to repair negative traits in various cells and to counter aging.

Here is how La Grande Crème acts on the cutaneous aging process:

1. Promotes deep dermal regeneration to restore strength and restructure the epidermis

2. Protects the cells and to preserve their longevity for a regenerating effect

3. To improve the overall water balance of the epidermis, restoring the skin barrier

4. To restructure and regenerate the dermis for a corrective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect

5. To intensify cellular cohesion, creating better functional architecture of skin fibers to combat facial slackening

6. To achieve total restructuring and firming effect

7. To reinforce the skin’s barrier function against harsh external factors

8. To boost dermal-epidermal interactions, which often decline with age

La Grande Crème is the ULTIMATE skin care par excellence. And if its contents weren’t enough, it comes in a beautifully handcrafted, French-made jar, fabricated by one of the last artisanal glass and crystal makers in the country. So don’t be shy about exposing it!

Dr. DuPéré, made in Canada, trained in France (and Canada, USA, Brazil)