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Japanese pearl, eggshell, platinum and hyaluronic in a jar!

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Why Forlle’d?

When talking “skin care”, Forlle’d is the Pearl of Japan!  It is no secret that Japanese ladies LOVE white pearly shiny skin and it is therefore not coincidental that a Japanese Biochemical Scientist and Nobel price winner – Dr Makoto Hatto – came up with this unequalled brightening and rejuvenating skin care line.  Forlle’d is our workhorse here at VISAGE when looking for this smooth blemish-free soft skin, both as in-office facial treatments and for at-home maintenance programs.


Forlle’d’s core effects and benefits include:

  1. Visible regenerative effect and improvement of skin structure
  2. Natural biostimulation and long-lasting skin moisturizing
  3. Restoration of the skin’s mineral balance
  4. Postponing of both types of skin aging
  5. Proven anti-aging efficiency
  6. Perfect skin protection system after peelings, dermal fillers, lasers and aesthetic procedures
  7. Perfect integration and amplification of all Forlle’d products
  8. Great customization of treatments
  9. Catering to both Men and Women, acknowledging the differences in skin between the genders
  10. Vast application for all ages and skin types
  11. Immense degree of affinity with naturally-occurring substances in the skin


Those benefits come from the following unique ingredients:

  1. Patented use of LOW-molecular hyaluronic acid – LMHA:
    1. LMHA is a molecule responsible for skin hydration (it traps moisture!) and small enough to penetrate the skin’s many layers.
    2. LMHA has a vital role in assisting in the natural cell repair
    3. LMHA has an essential role in protecting one’s immunity and preventing infection and allergic reactions
    4. LMHA has a strong antioxidant action
    5. LMHA does NOT plug pores
    6. LMHA acts as vehicle to transport growth factors to assist in healing
  2. Patented use of LOW-molecular weight PLATINUM:
    1. High-tech patented ionization of platinum down to a tiny (1/1 millionth) size to work better with the skin’s electrical conductivity and its antioxidative power
    2. Platinum is highly “anti-oxydant”
    3. Platinum stimulates skin cell activity by producing “rays of growths” (infrared)
    4. Platinum helps in slowing the photo-aging process by neutralizing oxygen radicals (i.e. helps with cellular detoxication)
    5. Platinum (and gold) have proven to be a stronger and more powerful antioxidants than coenzyme Q10, polypherol, vitamin C and lipoic acid.
  3. Patented use of ceramides:
    1. Ceramides are waxy types of lipids
    2. Ceramides assist as a water-impermeable skin barrier along with saturated fatty acids and cholesterol to prevent excessive water loss and to maintain the epidermal layer cells intact
    3. Ceramides also participate in several cell-to-cell messaging/signaling system that regulate cellular division and differentiation
    4. Of the 6 types of ceramides, Forlle’d uses type 3, the one that declines with age.
  4. Ionized minerals (Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) needed for physiological activity
  5. Eggshell membrane proteins are used to strengthen the dermal matrix and provide an anti-inflammatory effect with its bacteriolytic (killing of bacteria) enzymes
  6. Pearl (hydrolyzed) proteins are a source of natural compatible molecules to stimulate the cell regeneration, restore lipid barrier and to normalize pH level.
  7. Phytoplacenta is a plant complex and its amino acid composition is similar to animal placenta to help fortify the ionized platinum.


I firmly believe that every man and women should try this ultimate line of skin care luxury in which every component has a strong role to play in anti-aging and rejuvenation.

Dr. Marc DuPéré, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director VISAGE Clinic, Skin Lab, Lasers and MedSpa.

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