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Introducing Forlle’d Skin Care

November 24th, 2015 Share


Luxury and efficacy are not often synonymous within the same product. Forlle’d has bridged the gap between the affluent and potent to create a skincare line that is equal parts opulence and ground-breaking, Nobel Prize-winning science. And Forlle’d skin care is now available in Toronto from plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré.

Don’t be fooled by the French name — this product line is Japanese, through and through. Developed by Dr. Makoto Hatto, the “magic” in this line is hyaluronic acid. Yes, that’s the same hyaluronic acid found in Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® — and so loved at Visage Clinic — but broken down for easy absorption.

However, hyaluronic acid is a buzzword that everything from lip gloss to body crème seems to be touting these days. So what makes Forlle’d different? The fact that its hyaluronic acid is completely absorbed by your skin, delivering its potential where your body can use it.

Think of it this way: What use is a delicious, juicy watermelon if it is served to you whole? You need to break it down into smaller pieces so that you can consume it, right? Very similar is the need to make the hyaluronic acid molecule small enough to be delivered into your skin.

The important thing to know about hyaluronic acid is that it is able to retain moisture up to 6,000 times the weight of the molecule itself. Also, hyaluronic acid protects cellular immunity and exhibits strong antioxidant activity. What this means for your skin is even after the first time you use Forlle’d, the results are noticeable. Because Forlle’d is biologically compatible with skin, the very quality of your skin is visibly enhanced after 28 days, and after 2 months, you can expect long-term upgraded skin.

On its own, Forlle’d makes a marked difference in your skin; however, when combined with in-clinic treatments, its active ingredients shorten your healing time. These products can be used post-treatment to help restore skin elasticity and reduce your chances of inflammation and scarring.

In case the enhanced “ooh-la-la” factor of deeply penetrating hyaluronic acid were not enough, Forlle’d has also added platinum to various products in the line. Aside from the “wow” factor of adding a precious material, the benefits to the skin are remarkable. Ionized low molecular platinum resists all forms of active oxygen and regulates the main biochemical reactions that are involved in photo aging (i.e. light and sun damage) and chronological aging. Basically, these powerful antioxidants are stabilized and will combat free radicals from pollution, sun damage, smoking, and so on more effectively than other antioxidants, as ionized platinum stimulates resonant oscillations of fibroblasts. Forlle’d’s platinum-based line has a pronounced detoxifying effect and is excellent in fighting hyperpigmentation and stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and dermis matrix components. It’s a mouthful, for sure — but the proof is in the results you see in the mirror.

I suppose what impresses me most as a laser technician, clinical aesthetician, and skin expert of 10 years is the level of results that are achieved with this line while still experiencing a spa-like feel and a genuine delight to the senses. The beauty of this high-end line is not only the scientifically backed proof but the fact that I can provide my clients with the ultimate blissful experience that will last. Forlle’d is carried by the finest award-wining spas in the world, and Visage is the only clinic in Canada to offer this top anti-aging line from Japan. Both treatments and take-home products are now available exclusively for patients of Dr. DuPéré, offered in his stunning new location located in Yorkville at 133 Hazelton Avenue.

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The Japanese skin care line we can't get enough of.